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How Are Things In Glocca Morra?

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This guy won't die

Natalie wonders aloud -- after asking Dana not to get mad -- if Dana would care this much if Sally weren't involved. Dana vehemently denies that this has anything to do with Sally. After a pause, Natalie says "okay," but is clearly not convinced, so Dana has to say it again. Jeremy's voice-over explains in too-clever-by-half writing that while West Coast Update is considered the ugly stepsister of CSC, Sally Sasser is considered anything but, and "it hasn't escaped Dana's notice that Sally's looks haven't escaped Casey's," you know, clever stuff like that. Dana starts blaming Natalie's Pete for not playing like he should, and Natalie hotly defends her pretend boyfriend. Oh, sure, when Natalie obsesses about someone, it's cute. But when I do it, it's all pepper spray and bodyguards and "you must remain 100 yards from Ms. Tomei at all times." Dana then says that she's not turning over the show to Sally just so she can meet Gordon and his friends. We get yet another reprise of Dana's speech about how she cares about the show. We're entering the newsroom by now. "I care about this!" she says, turning around to indicate the newsroom -- and she notices Gordon standing there. "And my honeydew!" she says, not missing a beat. "Honeydew"? Good Lord. They hug, and Dana breaks it to him about Fedrigatti winning the fourth set. "The show hasn't started yet?" says Gordon. She points out, kind of snippily, that if the show had started, she'd be in the control room. Gordon whines that his friends will be waiting at the restaurant. He asks if Natalie can't do the show, but Dana says Natalie didn't prep it. Gordon asks if it isn't just calling out numbers from a script at this point. Okay, has Gordon ever said or done anything on this show to give us some idea why Dana would like asshole? Natalie asks him if he produces a lot of shows down at the district attorney's office. "U.S. Attorney's office," he corrects her. Okay, put the penis away, Gordon. Dana points out that if she says she can't leave, she's not lying, and he says he wasn't implying that she was. Dana says she'll make it up to his friends, but the argument just escalates, especially when Dana says "news happens" and Gordon says, "This is sports!" Even I know better than to denigrate my girlfriend's job, even that one time I was dating a crack whore. And then along comes Sally, which doesn't especially please Dana, but I'm okay with it. Dana asks if she knows Gordon. Sally and Gordon really obviously pretend to barely know each other. "Gordon," says Sally, extending her hand. Gordon makes a really lame joke about how that's funny, his name is Gordon too.

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Sports Night




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