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How Are Things In Glocca Morra?

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In the newsroom, Gordon is lecturing Dana along the lines of "this is just the kind of thing I'm talking about," which we've heard before. He points out that Sally just said she could take the show, and Dana counters by suggesting that Gordon get one of the guys in his office to take over his caseload. Danny strolls up, and Gordon says, "Late night for you guys," but Dan can barely bring himself to acknowledge him before heading into the conference room, where he slags Sally by suggesting that she slept with Fedrigatti to cause this situation, except I would think that would wipe Fedrigatti out. Back to more "this is my job, not a hobby" arguing from Dana, who finally lets Gordon have it for coming to her office and trying to broker deals between her and Sally. Gordon gets all sanctimonious and says, "I need something from you, Dana. I need a sign. I need you to give me something. Or..." He shrugs. "What? Or what?" says Dana. Gordon just looks at her. And from the look on Dana's face, you get the impression that she's resigned to ending things with Gordon. Which is why it's so heartbreaking when she strides into the conference room and announces that she's dumping the show. Casey looks stunned. Jeremy's voice-over takes us out. "I'll never get it, Louise. I understand what makes a woman think that any man is better than nothing" -- well, he understands more than I do, then -- "I'll just never understand what makes a woman think she's got nothing."

Jeremy tells Louise that Casey didn't see it coming. "And to see his face at the moment he found out, you'd think a string inside of him broke." Shot of Casey and Dana looking at each other, not saying anything -- at least, not with words. "I have a hunch it'll be a while before Dana and Casey are quite the same with each other," says Jeremy. He goes on to say that Sally ran the show without a hitch, and that Rebecca stayed around to watch. "My guess is that either she's never seen a live broadcast, or she really likes Dan." Considering her giddiness at everything going on around her, I'd say it's the former. Hey! There's Allison fixing up Casey! We haven't seen her in forever! Anyway, Jeremy reveals that this episode's metaphor eventually lost to Sampras and blah blah blah they hugged, et cetera. And Jeremy's parents' sudden divorce is called on to serve as a parallel here too, because as Casey watches Dana and Gordon leave, Jeremy's voice-over goes on about "things are going to be rough for a little while" but "we'll come out the other side."

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Sports Night




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