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I don't know why she swallowed the fly

This episode opens during the show with Casey giving football highlights. As they go to commercial, Dana says they're going to be fifteen seconds short on the Bucks-Pacers game, so Natalie asks Jeremy for something interesting about Milwaukee. There's a tall order -- fifteen seconds of interesting material about Milwaukee. Jeremy comes up with the fact that it's not the capital of Wisconsin. "And while that may be true," says Dana, "I need it to be about the team and -- oh yeah! -- I need it to be interesting." Jeremy says it was just for starters.

Next, Natalie says Casey has been flinching for the past couple of nights. Dana hasn't noticed, but all the TCs start arguing about whether it's a tic or a flinch. So Dana asks Casey about it, but he denies flinching, then claims there's a fly in the studio. Trouble is, no one else has seen a fly. Dave hasn't seen it; he asks Chris. "I'm not hearing it," says Chris. "There ain't no fly," says Dave, with a bit of an attitude, and a double negative used for effect. So Dana tells Casey -- get this -- that Dave says there's no fly in the studio! And then Casey tells Dana -- get this -- that there is a fly in the studio! How did this show ever get cancelled? Dana then asks Dan if there's a fly in the studio. "Let him work through it," says Danny, completely ignoring her question.

Isaac strolls into the control room. Dana points out that he's smiling and holding a ratings book, and wonders if he knows something. Isaac says that while they're still in third place, they've gained a point and a half in men aged 18-49, and they took it evenly from Fox and Bristol. "Plus I'm always smiling this time of night. You know why?" he says. "Double Chivas on the rocks?" says Dana, and you'd think it's not a good idea to point out your boss's alcoholism, except he says, "That's right." Natalie tells the anchors the good news. About the ratings, not Isaac's drinking. Oh! Jeremy has a juicy tidbit for us! Turns out the attendance at tonight's game is exactly the population of Hoisington, Kansas! Wait a minute...have you ever noticed that you never see a Bucks crowd and Hoisington, KS at the same time? There's something going on there. Dan looks nonplussed, so she tells Danny he can either relay the Hoisington info or he can talk slower. Then Danny watches Casey waving and batting at this phantom fly. "Boy, it's almost hard to believe we're in third place," he says. He's seemed pretty dour lately, almost like he writes for MBTV. Commercials.

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