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I don't know why she swallowed the fly

Natalie runs out to the desk to tell Casey to go say goodbye to Dana. He grumpily says he has things to do. Like what, Natalie wants to know. "I have to take off my earpiece," he says, whereupon Natalie rips it off his head, much to his chagrin. In the control room, Dana promises to bring back maple syrup for anyone who needs it. At first, Will asks for some, then he remembers he has some so he doesn't in fact need any. Will, dude, having no lines would be better than these lines. I wonder if Will picked up his TV Guide that week hoping to read: "Sports Night -- Tonight, Will asks Dana to bring back some maple syrup from her trip to Vermont. Then he remembers he has some already! Tune in to find out what happens next." Come to think of it, maybe that's what it did say and that's why nobody watched Sports Night.

Special GoodFellas-esque camera follows Casey into the control room, where he says, "Have a good weekend," to Dana in passing. Dana violates office protocol by saying, "I will," instead of "you too." Casey mutters, "I bet you will," so she says, "What was that?" and he repeats it, and they have to get into this whole thing about what he means by that. He says he's all for her going to Vermont and having a good time. "Except for this: I don't think you should go," he says. And she's all, "Don't do this," and he starts quizzing her on Gordon. She says Gordon's nothing anybody needs to worry about (how flattered Gordon would feel to hear that).

They relocate their escalating argument to the newsroom. She says that whenever his life starts to fall apart, he goes after her, making her think he has feelings for her that he really doesn't. "You did it in college, you did it in Dallas, you did it in L.A. and you're doing it now." And let me just brag that I have never been rejected in the manner Dana rejects Casey here: "I don't think you're cute. I don't think you're funny. I don't think you're smart and sometimes I don't think you're very nice." Damn. After a pause, Casey says, "You don't think I'm funny?" which would probably hurt me the most too. She starts to leave, and he starts this half-assed apology that goes nowhere very slowly. He chases her out of the newsroom, where they argue about his ex-wife for awhile. Behind the show's set, she says he thinks that all the problems in his life right now would go away if could just see her naked. Why is that women never take that as a compliment? So he says, "I have no desire to see you naked," which of course makes her upset, like maybe you shouldn't be mixing your signals here, Dana. So he yells, "I want badly to see you naked!" and she says, "Yeah, you better want to see me naked!" And this is one of those television moments where another character happens to walk by, says nothing, and leaves. Does it really matter who it was?

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