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Back from commercials, Jeremy has fixed the problem, Dan has gone on his date (turns out Abby wanted him real bad) and Dana has foregone the dating plan in order to jump Casey. Or not.

Actually, Dan and Casey, walking to their office, are still trying to figure out whether Dan has an appointment or a date, which I think, considering Dan's perpetually tenuous mental and emotional faculties, is one of the best plots I've ever seen on this show. "I don't need therapy," says Dan, which is highly debatable anyway, but he's specifically referring to Abby's interest. Actually, it appears that Casey is just trying to agree with Dan in order to shut him up, like that ever works. Dan asks Casey if he thinks Abby thinks Dan needs therapy (bear with me) and Casey says "no" and Dan says, "Don't you think she's wrong if she thinks that?" They're in their office now. Casey says, "Listen, McMurphy, if it were up to me, I'd let you and the big Indian out of the hospital," in a nice reference to one of my all-time favourite books/plays/movies/smash-hit musicals by Stephen Sondheim. Dan admits, "I may not be a framed picture of mental health, but Doctor Girl has another thing coming if she thinks I'm going to lie on her couch and, you know, talk to her." Casey says okay. "She hangs out in bars, Casey. Like I'm going to take advice from a gin-soaked floozy." Since my love life is a comprehensive history of gin-soaked floozies, I say nothing. ["Good move, since your boss is also a gin-soaked floozy." -- Sars] Natalie walks in. Dan says, "Natalie, I'm not crazy." Natalie says, "Yeah, right." Not sarcastically, but in an agreeable way, because she's too busy to argue or even ask what the hell Dan is on about. She tells Casey, "You need to cut 20 seconds from the PAC-10," which Casey says is "no problem," and Natalie says Sam Donovan called to say last night was a good show, and Casey says "great," and Dan says, "He's telling Casey it was a good show?" "He's telling all of us it was a good show," says Natalie, and Dan says she was telling Casey and Natalie disputes that and blah blah blah. This is supposed to be evidence of Dan's insecurity, but I'm on his side -- it definitely appeared that the message was for Casey. "This isn't going to make you any crazier, is it?" says Casey, like that's even possible. Natalie moves on. "Jeremy's got it just about fixed, so it'll just be..." and she even slows down her delivery of the line to coincide with the power suddenly going out. Nobody says anything, until Dan finally speaks. "I'm not crazy, right? The lights did just go out?" Casey confirms it, although this would have been a golden opportunity to mess with Dan's head.

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Sports Night




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