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Casey comes strolling into the control room and Dana wants to know when he's getting the names, and they continue with the most contrived bit of journalistic non-suspense ever filmed as Casey says "any minute now" and that he's going to go "stake out" the fax machine. There is some inanity regarding Casey surrendering his airplane peanuts to Natalie. Jeremy comes back in. "Did you do it?" asks Natalie. Jeremy, still glum, asks if she has a second. Natalie checks with Dana and then heads out into the hall.

For some reason, Jeremy says he did fire Corbin. Then he says, "but not really." Uh, that would be "not at all," Jeremy. Natalie, disgusted, says, "Put a pair of tights and a party dress on you, you're one pretty little girl." Can I point out that both of the main women characters on this show, in this episode, have demonstrated that the ultimate insult is to call someone a "little girl"? I can? Okay. And I'll also point out that Natalie in particular indicates that "little girl" is a worse insult than "little boy." ["No kidding. Put a pair of tights and a party dress on Natalie, she still sucks. Shut up, Natalie." -- Sars] Jeremy tries to defend his actions by saying he's the only one not acting emotionally and letting The Suits have this one thing if it keeps the peace. Yeah, give them Poland, why don't you, Jeremy. Natalie appears to consider this and wants to know what Corbin said. Jeremy said Corbin said he'd try harder, but those weren't his exact words. Natalie wants to know what his exact words were. Jeremy says Corbin's exact words were "get off my back," and I don't understand why Jeremy would say that, since it doesn't help his case any. Natalie, actually behaving like a boss and not bossy for once, says Corbin is Jeremy's responsibility, but if he screws up again, he's her responsibility. As Jeremy turns to go, Natalie says, "Being emotional about their work never killed anybody. I'm loyal to Isaac, I'm loyal to Dana, and I'm loyal to the show." Jeremy says he is too.

Back at the desk, Danny and Tina are letting the audience experience some commercials. Tina says it's going well, but Dan's demeanour makes her think he doesn't agree, although he's just being non-flirtatious to the point of disdain. To assure her, he says, "I think it's going very well, but rather than 'banter' with you about it, I'll just leave it at that." "Dan, it's not like if you chat with me I'm going to go home with you." Dan, who seems genuinely confused by that, says, "Why not?" In disbelief, Tina says, "What?" Dan says, "Never mind," but I'm still laughing. "You're having a bad night," says Tina. Dan wants to chalk it up to just that and not come to a general conclusion about himself as a result of it. Tina says she hardly ever understands what he's talking about and tells him to keep it together. Dan gets up to go talk to Isaac, sitting nearby.

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Sports Night




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