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Sisterly Love

"She's doing well," says Isaac. Dan says yes. Isaac asks him what's wrong. "She thinks I'm crazy," says Dan. "You are crazy," says Isaac. Dan says he's not helping. "I wasn't trying to," says Isaac. Dan explains that Abby says his flirting is unhealthy. "Who's Abby?" says Isaac. "My therapist, are you paying attention?" "No," says Isaac, in all honesty. Heh. Dan says, "Thing is, she may have a point." "Who?" "Abby!" Heh heh. "Danny," says Isaac, "you're not flirting with me right now, right?" Dan says no. "'Cause that'd just be strange. Not that I wouldn't be flattered..." says Isaac. "Sure," says Dan. "But it'd still be weird..." says Isaac. "I hear ya," says Dan. "Though I'll say this: you're a handsome young man, Danny," says Isaac, getting an almost lecherous smile that was too funny. "Will you stop it?" says Dan. Isaac giggles. Dan's new problem is that he wants to get back his reputation with Tina as a fun and desirable person. Isaac sarcastically says that that will probably go well. Dan rolls his eyes. Dan, listen to me. Cut your losses. Bah. He never listens to me.

Corbin and his guys are watching wrestling again when Jeremy comes back into the production room. Jeremy points out that their show is on right now. "We just switched it for a second," says Corbin, not really convincingly. Jeremy says he stuck up for Corbin, so he'd better put in an effort (translation: Jeremy's not getting any tonight, it better not be for nothing). Jeremy says he put himself on the line for Corbin. "I'll tell that to J.J.," says Corbin, not in a nice "I'll put in a good word for you" way but in a smug "remember, my cousin is J.J." way. Jeremy tells him to tell whomever he wants but to do a better job. Corbin lazily says "okay." Jeremy's about to go, then decides he wants to know what kind of stuff J.J. says. "Does he talk badly about Isaac or Dana?" "Everyone, I guess." "Me?" "Come on, man..." "Never mind, just get back to work." Jeremy turns to go. Corbin says, "Oh, he says Natalie's a nice piece of tail." Oh no you didn't! Jeremy tells everyone in the room but Corbin to get out. Maybe he'll kick this guy's ass like in that Kenny Rogers song "Coward of the County"! Well, no, this is Jeremy. He points at Corbin and says, "You're fired, I'm firing you. Tell J.J. I'm the one who did it." He leaves. Way to go, Jeremy. Don't fire a guy when he screws up, but when he refers to your girlfriend as a nice piece of tail...ah, yeah, that's pretty egregious. Good for Jeremy.

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Sports Night




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