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Sisterly Love

Back at the desk, Dan tells Tina she could make things easier for him by reassuring him that she had a good time being here tonight. "I'm being paid to be here," she says. Dan says she'll tell her friends that she liked it, though, right? "My friends?" says Tina, like it's this concept unbeknownst to her. "The girls," says Dan. "Which girls?" Dan pauses. "The girls in Danny's world of fantasy and psychosis." Tina says, "Daaaan," rather affectionately, "you need to get into therapy." "I'm in therapy," he says. "You need more," she says, seriously now. "I'm not sure how much more I can take." Dana lets Dan know through the mic that Casey's getting the names over the fax and she'll feed the names to him.

Cut to a shot of Casey taking a piece of paper from the fax machine and staring at it. He takes a deep breath.

Danny says to Tina, "Can I ask you something?" Tina, on guard now, says, "Is it creepy?" He says no, and she assents. "Don't you think my obsessive need to get you to like me has less to do with my parents and more to do with the fact look good?" Tina's expression doesn't change, amazingly, since any girl I've used that line on busts out laughing. Er, I mean, nothing. Dan says, "Or is that what you meant by creepy?" "Yeah," says Tina, not unpleasantly. "I'm gonna stay over here," says Dan. "Thanks," says Tina.

Casey walks into the control room with the Fax of Great Suspense. "You got it!" says Dana, excited. "Yeah, listen," says Casey, but Dana grabs it from him all grabby-grabby and starts feeding the names to Dan. "Tommy Reed, Clifton White, Zachary Armstrong..." The camera zooms in as she abruptly stops and the music starts up. "Dana, that's only three," says Dan. Dana stares straight ahead as the other crew members start to wonder what the deal is and look at her. Dana tries to continue but can't. She takes off her headset and says she's going to go call her parents. "Go ahead," says Casey, as she gets up. "Dana?" says Dan. Casey sits down in Dana's chair. "It's her brother, Danny. Kyle Whitaker." Her brother? Aw, fuck me! How did I not see that one coming? Okay, I'm sorry. This was pretty sad, in spite of the fact that you knew it was coming.

Dana picks up the phone and adopts a cheerful tone and says, "Hi, Mom, it's me. Listen. Turn off your television." The show goes back live and Dan breaks the story. Shot of the silent crew in the control room, and the show fades out on Dana on the phone.

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Sports Night




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