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La Forza Del Destino

Now, my theory is that BG w/ BS represents Sorkin, since this show about a show is already very meta with its storylines of network troubles and uncertain futures, and I think BG w/ BS is like Sorkin hurriedly trying to finish the last couple of episodes, so he's drinking and trying to come up with storylines while the cast hangs out on the Anthony's set and drinks and improvs, and then Dana goes over to Sorkin to find out what the newest plot twist is, and Sorkin is drunk and says, "Uh, uh, Time-Warner kicks out at 27!" and then of course the next day the script is finished and Time-Warner kicks out at 27.

But it's just a theory.

I find it really annoying that there was a tornado warning in effect on the ABC feed we get up here in Saskatchewan, but the giant Tornado Watch graphic that sat in the corner during the show disappeared whenever commercials came on, like "we are very proud of the community service we provide by warning viewers about life-threatening weather, as long as those warnings don't get in the way of showing them commercials for Shanghai Noon."

Next week: the love of Dan's life, Rondell White, returns. Jeremy and Natalie kiss. CSC is sold. Also, in the words of Voiceover Woman, "An ending so shocking, we saved it for the season finale." We see a clip of a tearful Dana saying, "I don't know what to say." Maybe Sorkin hasn't finished the script for that scene yet.

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