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t 11 and replayed at 1, "it's called a tape delay," which I guess is what they're calling repeats these days. I thought a tape delay was when the event wasn't broadcast live, but taped. And delayed. Who knows. BG w/ BS mumbles something about technology that I didn't catch and I don't have closed captioning because I'm not a Head of Programming with a big fancy gold-plated television. Dana says, "I really just came up here to get some drinks for my friends," of course assuming this guy is trying to get in her pants when he's just being friendly. BG w/ BS pauses for a bit before saying, "I have no reason not to believe you," whatever that means, and Dana explains she's in no mood to be bought a drink by a guy in a suit, like what is her problem, and BG w/ BS says, "I'm not wearing a suit," and his voice has yet to change tone or inflection at all; he just speaks in this flat semi-monotone that I think is supposed to convey self-confidence or self-assuredness but really just conveys "pissing off Daniel." Dana continues to pass judgment on him while the two of them mostly stare straight ahead instead of looking at each other. Dana suggests that he left his Wall Street office at 8:30 and went to his East Side apartment to change into his "I don't always wear a suit" clothes, like when did Dana turn into Ani DiFranco and start sneering at people who wear suits at their job, I'd like to know. BG w/ BS says he lives in Paris, and Dana looks at him for the first time, but it's just so she can laugh at him. "Sometimes Seattle, sometimes Chicago, sometimes Tokyo," he continues in his bored monotone. "Seriously, are there women who believe you when you say that?" asks Dana. "Not many," he says. Then he says, "So Dana, I couldn't help overhearing you and your friends a while ago." "We were sitting on the other side of the restaurant," she says. "Yeah," he says. "I wouldn't worry about a Time-Warner takeover." Dana looks at him (not laughing) and says something like, "wha-huh?" "They'll kick out when the stock hits 27," he says. "How did you know my name?" she says. "The bartender said it," he says. "No he didn't," she says. "Sure he did," says BG w/ BS. "How else would I know it?" as he looks at her. Dana's right that Jack didn't say her name -- while she was there, at any rate -- but the guy did admit to listening to the conversation at the table where it's entirely possible someone did use her name, so her look of consternation is a little unwarranted, I think. But she doesn't say anything because she hears the Sports Night outro-to-commercial lite-pseudo-bluesy guitar kick in as BG w/ BS repeats what he said about Time-Warner kicking out at $27 a share. But the music fooled me, because Jack returns and asks what Dana's order was, but she's too stunned to remember, so BG w/ BS helpfully says, "three beers and a piña colada" and Dana looks at him again like, "Whoa! He remembered that with no mnemonic device! Whoaaaa! The call is coming from inside the house!" They look at each other as we finally go to commercial.

We're back the next day as Dana walks into that notorious suit-wearer Isaac's office and asks for any word on "our futures?" and Isaac tells her what everyone else was telling her -- that Fox, Disney, and Time-Warner will all drop the cable interest. "Yeah," says Dana. "I met a Balding Guy with Big Sideburns last night at Anthony's --" but before she can go on, Dan barges in and says, "Did you know that Kim isn't my secretary?" he asks. "Yeah," says Dana. "I have been treating her like she was my secretary," he says. Dana nods and sadly smiles and says, "Yes, I know." So neither Kim nor Dana said anything about this. Sorry. I'm not buying it. Dan asks if there is someone there who is his secretary but he doesn't know about it, and Dana tells him no. "Okay," says Dan thoughtfully, and he walks out looking troubled while Isaac has a good laugh over what an idiot Dan is and closes the door. Isaac then asks Dana to continue her riveting story, but Dana says it doesn't matter. Then she asks when another bidder will step up. Then Isaac launches into this long story about his nephew who's a trauma surgeon in Detroit. Blah blah blah about how bad this guy feels when he loses a patient, and that he wants to open a restaurant in Albuquerque even though Isaac tells him the hospitals are inadequate and overcrowded, et cetera et cetera. "At best, you had maybe two-thirds of the budget you needed to do the job, in a market that was already oversaturated when you got there," he tells Dana. So if it goes down, he's saying, she gets up and goes to L.A. with Dan and Casey and tries it again, blah blah. She wants to know what he'll do. "Two trees, a hammock, and a stack of books this high," he says. Isaac's phone rings. Maybe I'll run my own MBTV sweeps contest. Guess which bidder just dropped out? Guess what the stock price was? People who correctly guessed Time-Warner and $27 a share may continue reading.

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