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La Forza Del Destino

In Dave and Casey's office, Dan is still going on about Kim's non-secretaryness, which is annoying, but I suppose if I were in his place, I'd feel pretty stupid too. "Say, while we're tying up loose ends, do we share an office or am I just here a lot?" he asks Casey, who says, "You're just here a lot." "I have my own office?" asks Dan. "Yeah," says Casey. "Where?" And Casey pauses and says, "That's my confession." Turns out this is Dan's office; Casey's is somewhere else, but he doesn't know where since he always liked this one. The thing with Kim annoyed me, but I liked this bit. Dan says things seemed to work out all right, so at the next place they should share an office again.

Now Elliot comes in with a big bouquet of flowers for Dan and a phone message for Casey, so maybe Elliot is their secretary. Dan looks at the flowers and says, "Okay, Elliot, last night, seriously, I was talking to Kim. I was doing a little thing." Elliot says, "They're not from me." Dan reaches for the card and says, "Like it'd kill you to give me flowers once in a while?" Ba-dum-bump. Okay, I admit I laughed at that. The card says, "R.W." and that's it. Sweet! Rondell White, lifetime .300 hitter with the Expos! But Dan suggests Robert Wagner or Reggie White, and complains that Reggie White can send him flowers but Elliot never thinks to. Elliot says he doesn't take Dan for granted. "You're not our secretary, by any chance, are you?" asks Dan, like quit stealing my material, "Daniel."

A little later, on the show, a caller is saying it's only logical to bunt with one strike and one out and the go-ahead run on first and that Joe Torre should be run out of town. So Dan asks the guy how much coaching experience the caller has, and the caller has none. "Okay, Joe Torre has been coaching baseball for about 430 years. You got a girlfriend?" asks Dan. The caller says no. Dan says, "This is why. You interested in buying Continental Corp.?" The guy says no. "Okay, then we're hanging up now," says Dan. Yeah, it's a good idea to limit your audience to people with major-league managerial experience and potential owners, guys. They go to commercial. Dana tells everyone about Time-Warner dropping out. Jeremy says they didn't need Time-Warner, and he and Natalie agree (for once) that there's still the power of fate, or as Jeremy puts it, "la forza del destino," and he even makes that stereotypical Italian "capisce?" gesture with his left hand, and I am dying to introduce Jeremy to "la fista del Danielo." On the desk, Dan is trying to sell Casey on the job offer by telling him that the Pacific Ocean is completely different from the Atlantic Ocean, and Casey agrees, since it's on the other side. Dan says Hawaii is close to L.A. and blah-blahs about Hawaii for awhile. Casey still doesn't want to discuss it, and Dan says they don't have to tell them yes or no, just that they're thinking about it. It's Dan's opinion that it's the best job offer they're going to get. They go back live just to end the show. Casey says, "Remember, please, if you're going out on a date and you want to impress someone, it's a 'dog eat dog' world, not a 'doggy dog' world," as the Continental Corp stock price tumbles. The show's over. Natalie says, "So help me God I thought it was a 'doggy dog' world," and knowing how anal Jeremy is, this could be the real reason they broke up. An alert poster on the Sports Night forums pointed out that this same "doggy dog" bit was used on Dharma & Greg. As much as I would like to give that poster a shout-out, I think the shout-out worthiness is negated by fact that he or she watched Dharma & Greg. Shame on you, poster. You should know better. Dana can't get her headset off fast enough to go get hammered at Anthony's, despite another protest from Jeremy. Weirdly, the music that's playing underneath this scene is the music that normally plays under the opening scene and ends with a flourish just after the punchline that closes the opening scene, except here they ended the music (with the flourish) in the middle of the dialogue and then there was no musical accompaniment for the rest of the scene, like this is twice this week the show has messed me up with musical miscues, but I guess the Sports Night gang is a little out of practice, so I'll let it slide.

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