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Dana's secret

In the control room, Jeremy tells Natalie he has no problem with her writing to his sister. He tells her this about fifty times, protesting too much. Dana banishes him to the sidelines so she can talk to Natalie. Dana wants to know if Casey knows about the panties thing, because he's been acting strangely. Natalie denies it many times before confessing that she told Casey, claiming she did so "accidentally," which is a big fat lie.

Back at the desk, Danny is STILL going on about the internet poll, pointing out that 2.5 million people voted, only 232 of whom voted for Dan. So obviously it was rigged, Dan, so take comfort in knowing Casey felt that he had to rig it to beat you, but more importantly, LET IT GO. Casey's paying no attention and says he has to go talk to Dana. Dan asks him if the internet poll has anything to do with Dan gluing Jeremy's things to his desk, but Casey ignores him and heads into the control room, where he says, "Dana, you and I are about to have an abrupt conversation." Would somebody please hit him? Right now? Dana says they can't talk now because they're going back on the air in three and a half minutes, but Casey has the nerve to say he's not going back on the air until he gets some answers, and he heads out into Confrontation Hallway. Dana follows him, promising to beat Natalie in the morning, even though the person most deserving of a beating is Casey. Then JEREMY volunteers to beat Natalie instead, and how nice that Sorkin has finally tapped into the comedy gold mine that is domestic violence.

Confrontation Hallway. Dana: Blah blah blah it was just an amusing thing to do blah blah blah always taken other people's word that certain things were dirty and certain things weren't. I have to say, I went to Catholic school, and even I'm not half as repressed as Dana is here, and this is all the weirder when you consider that Dana's Dating Plan is designed for Casey to see what else is there woman-wise, yet Dana is the one experiencing some sort of sexual awakening like she's the network television version of Emmanuelle or something, and my eyes were rolling like a nickel slot machine by this point. Then it gets worse as Casey starts talking about how it's fine for Dana to enjoy getting undressed; he just wishes she were doing it with him instead of Guillermo from her Spanish club and he wishes she'd had dinner with Casey tonight. Dana gets all smiley because Casey understands, and she takes his hand and tells him to come with her, and Casey says they've only got ninety seconds, as though that isn't plenty of time for Casey.

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