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The next day, Dan and Casey are walking through the newsroom, with Dan saying to Casey, "In the interests of full disclosure." That's all he says. Casey calls it lame. Dan says it isn't lame, and it's also right. Casey says he thinks it's simultaneously wrong and lame, and maybe in keeping with the level of this discussion, he should add, "Infinity." Dan tries to talk some more, but Casey says it's none of his business, whatever it is that they're talking about. Dan says it is, and it's right (meaning honorable) and it's the high road and blah blah blah, while Casey calls it the lowest of roads. Meanwhile, Casey checks with Elliot, who tells him that some guy signed a contract for five years and $34 million with the bonus and incentives. Anyway, Casey still isn't having any of what Dan's selling. "She's going to marry him, Casey," says Dan. Casey knows this. Dan says Casey has information she doesn't have. Casey obnoxiously points out that he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and that he has information most people don't have. "It's my cross to bear," he says smugly. "He slept with Sally," says Dan, "while he was dating Dana." Casey ignores him and asks Dan if Elliot said the contract was with or without incentives. Dan repeats what he just said about Gordon's affair with Sally and says it's information Dana should have, but Casey says no, and Dan says "in the interests of full disclosure" a couple more times. Casey asks again if the contract included incentives; Dan tells him it did, then asks why it would be wrong to tell Dana about Gordon's affair. "Doesn't seem very manly, does it?" says Casey. Dan tells him to do it in a deep voice. Heh. Except I think that if Casey was half the man he's pretending to be, he would have slugged Gordon after he admitted to cheating on Dana. Then Casey waves, which is supposed to demonstrate him waving from the high road. Dan points out again that Casey has no plan, and Casey again cites his "just show up and see what happens" plan because "it worked for Napoleon." Dan says it didn't, reminding Casey that Napoleon was defeated and later died in exile on the island of Elba. Casey says that Napoleon was murdered on Elba and adds that that's one example of information he has that most people don't. To counter that, I would like to point out that Casey is a jackass, which seems to be information everybody but Casey has. Dan realizes that Casey will not budge on this, and says he's incredibly frustrated with Casey. He decides to go look at some film, and his parting shot is that Casey has no plan. Casey responds by making yet another high-road reference.

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