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Meeting room. Natalie's STILL shuffling coloured index cards around. Dan comes in, says he's been thinking, and announces that he doesn't think Natalie should tell Dana about Gordon sleeping with Sally. Uh, wasn't he there when Natalie immediately started screeching for Dana? I guess that's forgotten, as Natalie reveals to Dan that she already told Dana, and she outlines the domino effect that resulted. Natalie gathers up her index cards and stomps off, pissed at Danny since he's supposed to share information, but he didn't say anything about Gordon and Sally or Casey and Sally. Natalie calls it an "understanding" that they have, then says, "When the dust settles on this thing, you know what you're going to have to get?" Dan says, "Punishment?" "A little punishment," says Natalie, leaving Dan looking forlorn in the middle of the newsroom, maybe wondering what he hath wrought.

Like a dead man walking, he enters his office, where Casey is working. Casey starts listing all the aspects of the contract he and Elliot were discussing earlier, which apparently includes lots of targets for at-bats, walks, et cetera. "I'd try my best," says Casey, like, no kidding, that's why those clauses are called "incentives," you moron. Dan just kind of goofily agrees with Casey, standing in front of the desk until Casey asks him what's up. "I don't know quite how to say this, but things have changed since we last spoke," says Dan. Without looking up from his work, Casey asks him what kind of things. Dan asks Casey if he remembers that he didn't want anyone to know about Gordon and Sally. Casey looks up, suddenly aware that this is serious. "That's not so much the way it is anymore," says Dan. "I see," says Casey. Then Dan says that people not knowing about Casey and Sally is a "thing of the past" as well. Before Casey can explode, Dan offers as a solution that they "live in the now" and accept that these things have happened. Casey proposes that he kick the crap out of Dan, and for once he looks mad enough to follow through on that. "You told Dana?" asks Casey. Dan explains that he told Natalie, and Natalie told Dana. "Oh boy, who would have thought?" says Casey sarcastically. Dan runs down the chain of events after that as Casey simmers. Dan then gets up enough courage to say that Casey doesn't always get to decide the high road, that once in a while Dan makes a call on his own. Casey then calls Dan a "woman" and says he should stick him under a hairdryer. Okay, I'm not sure exactly what the second part of that means. As for the first part, from time to time when a friend is leaving the bar without drinking enough beer during Monday Night Football, I have been known to remind him not to forget his purse, so if Sars wants to express some indignation at Casey's sexism, I'm all for it. ["Meh. I could do without the implication that women can't keep secrets, but I don't know that it's even germane to the discussion." -- Sars]

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