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Then Dana storms in and shouts, "You are a sleazy, slimy, adolescent, oversexed, overpaid blowhole!" Pause. Then Dan asks who she's talking to. Ha! No time for jokes, though; Dana tells him to get out. Dan tries to offer Casey some advice, but Casey also tells him to get out. Once he's gone, Casey says, "Yes?" All Dana says is "Well," and then she leaves. Casey follows her, demanding to know when he started needing her permission to have a social life. Now Dana wants him to lower his voice, since she doesn't want his "tawdry tales of office lust" infecting her newsroom. She's passing Elliot and Kim as she says this, who then inform Casey that they want to hear the tawdry tales. Casey tells Dana he doesn't think she has any right to be upset at this. She asks why he was keeping it a secret, then. He says he thought that even though she didn't have a right to be upset, she would be. "Sally?" says Dana, incredulous. "Sally?" Casey tries to explain, but Dana won't let him, saying she has to go buy a camera. "Since when do you take pictures?" he asks. "Starting now," she says. Casey looks really confused (and I can't say I blame him) as Dana angrily sputters about the camera she's buying, then stomps off in one direction before realizing she has to stomp off in another direction.

Later, Casey, in a shirt and tie, says, "This is happening way too often." Pull back to reveal Dan and Casey in their office, pantsless once again. Dan tells Casey that he's probably just getting caught in the crossfire of Dan's punishment. Casey asks who's punishing him, and Dan explains Natalie's indignation at not being informed of the Sally shenanigans and says she's probably withholding their pants. Casey says Dan's a lot of fun to share an office with today, and Dan admits that it's not been one of his best days. Casey agrees.

In the control room, Dana wants to know why the guys don't have their pants again. Natalie says, "Because someone forgot to share," which I thought was pretty funny. Dana again dispatches Kim, who seems to be expected to spring into action whenever guys don't have their pants on. Meanwhile, Jeremy is demanding of the TCs that he not be judged for not wanting to give blood, even though no one has done anything of the sort. This plot has gone nowhere, and I guess normally this is the sort of thing that would have been resolved through a heart-to-heart talk with Isaac, so I guess Jeremy's screwed. Dana tries to shut him up by asking him his opinion on film. Jeremy says she should definitely try some; he's sure she'll see a difference. His sarcasm seems weird for a guy so desperate for everyone's approval this episode.

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Sports Night




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