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Back to the boys' office, where they're looking out the window at the alleged gawkers in the building opposite. Kim shows up, telling them they'll get their pants at the c-break. Again they trudge pantsless through the newsroom. Dan compliments Casey's boxers, and Casey tells him to shut up.

Outside the control room, Natalie interrogates Jeremy. She asks him if he knew anything about all of this, but Jeremy doesn't know what she's talking about. She tells him she's talking about Gordon and Casey and Sally. "I don't even know about it now," he says. "But you know about sharing," says Natalie. Jeremy says he does. "And punishment," says Natalie. Jeremy says he does. Satisfied, Natalie goes back into the editing room, leaving a befuddled Jeremy in her wake.

Out at the desk, Dan informs Allison and her makeup team that Casey's feeling blue, so they could cheer him up by complimenting his underwear. "It's plaid!" says Allison, looking at Casey's lap. Hey, Allison, the D-Train also wears plaid boxers...

Over the intercom, Dana tells the boys they're going to do the first two blocks without their pants. "Casey, you should feel right at home," she says, which was pretty funny.

Dan's theory is that Casey isn't actually mad at him, and Casey's smirk seems to confirm that. "Look, it's your plan," says Dan. Bingo. "We just showed up," says Casey. "Now, we see what happens."

Well, what happens next is that the boys go live as we slowly pan the editing room, culminating in a zoom on Dana as she stares directly, creepily, in to the camera, but I think Casey meant what happens in the next episode, the season finale.

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Sports Night




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