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Dana and Natalie gather up their crap and then walk and talk. "Hang in there with this, Natalie," says Dana. Natalie thinks Dana's talking about Jeremy, but Dana's talking about the network. She starts explaining that she's going to run the show her way and "J.J. can take a seat in the bleachers" et cetera. Natalie says, "Whatever you need." Dana says she needs Natalie, she needs Isaac back, and she needs people to stop trying to blow up the building. Natalie says Dana's got her, at least. And then Dana starts supporting Natalie in not acknowledging Jeremy's attempted break-up. And it goes on like this for a while, and the upshot is that sisters are doin' it for themselves, or something. I guess. They enter the control room as the show's about to go live. Chris and Will bicker about something, prompting Dave to snap, "I will kill you both with my hands." Heh. The criminally underused Allison tells the boys to have a good show, and then we get more nonsense from Casey regarding how dangerous all the studio equipment would be in the event of an explosion.

Aw, man. More garbage from Natalie as she announces to the control room that she's still Jeremy's girlfriend. Okay, that's fine. But is it necessary for her to share with everybody that "he's seen [her] naked many times"? No, I didn't think so. Then she says, with a little shimmy, "Sometimes I do a little dance." Will turns around. "Eyes front, mister!" snaps Jeremy, in a confrontation between probably the two biggest pansies on the entire show. This is funny and all, unless you think about how incredibly irritating you'd find it if someone in your office behaved the way Natalie does. Not to mention that when someone doesn't acknowledge a break-up, it's usually called "stalking."

Out at the desk, Casey gets quiet. He says, "Dan, I just wanted to say that if anything terrible ever had to happen to one of us...I'd want it to be you." You think he's kidding? "Thanks," says Dan. The boys go live, teasing their top stories, and Casey wraps up the intro with, "And guess what? Pluto is still a planet."

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