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We come back on the now sadly outdated New York skyline. Dan's strolling through the hallway towards Rebecca's office, schmoozing and glad-handing all her colleagues. When he enters her office, she says before she gets mad at him that she wants to know how Isaac is. Dan tells her Isaac's blood pressure is normal, then asks why she's mad at him. She responds by asking him why he was avoiding her during the bomb scare, which he denies doing. She won't let up, saying she looked for him, but apparently he had always just left where she'd been told he was just before she got there, if that makes any sense at all. He shrugs it off, saying he was "serpentining," employing "covert ordnance tactics." She asks him where he learned covert ordnance tactics. Dan pauses. "'Nam," he says. Heh. Finally he 'fesses up to avoiding her, and she wants to know why. A little annoyed, he says, "Take a wild, flailing shot in the dark." She sums up the recent developments; you know, her not actually being divorced from Steve Sisko but thinking about it, going to couples counseling, et cetera. "That's amazing," says Dan. Rebecca says she never meant they should stop dating. Wow. She really wants it both ways, doesn't she? For someone who made such a big deal of making sure Dan wasn't going to jerk her around, Rebecca just lost major points with me. Dan says he will not get in the way of another man's marriage. She asks him what he's doing there, then. Dan turns the charm back on and says he came to say hi. "Hi," says Rebecca flirtatiously. Dan smiles a little and says he knew she was looking for him, and he came in to reaffirm his position that they shouldn't see each other, but he is there for her. He says the last bit twice. "So your strategy for this is to be wonderful," says Rebecca. He says yes, and asks if she knows why. If he says "For I am Dan" again, I am out of here. Instead, he says, "Works every time." So when he said he wouldn't get in the way of another man's marriage, I guess he forgot to add, "Other than passive-aggressively." He scurries off, leaving Rebecca giggling and sighing and looking thoughtful all at once.

In the meeting room, Dana is saying to Sally that she hopes helping out while Isaac is off won't disrupt the 2 a.m. slot much, that it's only for a week or so. Sally says it's no problem, but adds that she's surprised Dana didn't ask Natalie to do this. Sally thought Dana had more confidence in Natalie. Dana's a little surprised, but says "no" sadly, without even offering up a feeble statement along the lines of how this has nothing to do with a lack of confidence in Natalie. Speak of the devil, Natalie comes in with the good news that Pluto is still a planet. Is this nonsense supposed to help us realize why the network doesn't have much confidence in Natalie? Because as far as I'm concerned, it's totally working. "It was touch and go there for a while?" says Sally with a little sarcasm. Natalie gets all rah-rah for Pluto here, annoying me. I figure Sally thought to herself, "Oh, this is why Dana didn't ask Natalie; Natalie's insane." Dana tells Natalie that, in Isaac's absence, she's asked Sally to assume some of her duties. Natalie does a good job of looking a little surprised but recovering to say, "I had a hunch!" and thanking Sally for helping out. Dana tries to downplay just how much Sally will be helping out, and does so again when the rest of the crew comes in. Jeremy storms in and announces that he has broken up with Natalie. Dana looks at Natalie, who shakes her head no. Jeremy whips out a piece of paper and says he put it in writing and that he can now ask out other women, which Natalie disputes. To spite her, Jeremy asks out Dana, who turns him down because, she says, he's going out with Natalie. Jeremy stomps off to sulk in his corner. They whip through the rundown meeting really quickly, but before everyone can go, Casey announces that he has some information on what to do if you think the building you work in is in danger of blowing up. All in favour of me skipping this? Carried. Meeting adjourned. Outside, Jeremy pleads some more with Natalie, laying out all the crazy stuff going on in his life again, but she still won't let him break up with her, and refuses to take him seriously, which finally seems to piss him off: "Nothing is the same anymore!" She stops and tells him that many things are the same. Then she explains that she doesn't think his decision-making skills are the best right now, so she's taking him into "receivership" but they're not breaking up.

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