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In Dan and Casey's office, Casey is talking to Esther on the phone, telling her to tell Isaac that everything's fine and he should watch the show. Sally comes in as Casey hangs up, telling Esther he wishes she'd let him do more. Sally inquires about Isaac; Casey says he's doing better. Sally starts going over something for that night's show, but Casey interrupts her and asks her to tell him that she didn't have anything to do with Natalie getting muscled to the side. Sally puts on a hurt face and says that for a guy she's sleeping with, Casey doesn't always say the nicest things to her. What? This is still going on? After Casey found out about Sally and Gordon? I mean, sure, they're adults and all, but I think I might have a problem with sleeping with a woman who's also sleeping with a man who happens to be the boyfriend of the woman I'm actually in love with. I mean, is it me? And did anyone else laugh out loud at Sally suddenly acting like she's got feelings? Casey apologizes. They get back to work, and Sally asks him if he wants a feed from some press conference. Casey says yes, and as Sally turns to go, Casey tells her to ask Natalie first. Sally looks surprised; then, by way of defending herself in the onslaught of Casey's self-righteousness, she says, "I just got a phone call, Casey."

Casey asks her how many people know about them. Sally asks how many people he's told. Casey tells her he's only told Dan, and she says that's how many people know, then. He accepts that. Then she asks if she's going to see him tonight, and he tells her to give him a call after her show. "Should I just come over?" she says, and he says yes. You know, for a woman sleeping with a man who doesn't always say the nicest things to her, she sure doesn't make it all that difficult for him. He reminds her to talk to Natalie about the press conference feed, and this time she says okay. Passing Dan in the doorway, she says hello, and Dan says, "Hey, Sally." Sally wigs out. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" she snaps. "What?" says Dan, surprised. "'Hey, Sally'?" she says. "It meant 'hey, Sally,'" says Dan. Sally considers this. "Okay, so did I just totally come unglued?" Dan says she did, but it's nice to see it in her -- not at all sounding like he means it in a mean way, but rather like he thinks it actually makes her seem human. He asks her if she'd like to try it again, and she says yeah. "Hey, Sally," says Dan. "Hey, Dan," she says, as cheerfully as anyone can when they sound close to tears. "There you go," says Dan gently. "Thanks," says Sally, and she walks off. After she's gone, Danny tells Casey that Sally's completely unglued. Casey says they need to give that same "unglued" speech to Dana and Natalie. Huh? Oh yeah, you remember just now when Dan told Sally she was coming unglued? He also told her that these are tense times, and glue doesn't hold in these situations. I didn't note it then because it didn't seem important at the time. Anyway, Casey and Dan then start blathering about how Dana and Natalie are way too calm and are likely to blow. These two boobs then convince each other that it's their responsibility, since they can't defuse the explosives ("explosives" here meaning Dana and Natalie), to make sure they go off in a sparsely populated area. "Now if you've got some calm people and you want to make them upset, I say we're just the guys to do it!" says Dan. "Yeah!" says Casey. Heh. That cracked me up. They look at each other for a few minutes. "Should we eat first?" says Dan. "Yeah," says Casey. Hee! I love that too. Even the laugh track pops up to say hello here.

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Sports Night




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