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Nobody says anything. Dana watches Isaac. J.J. contemplates Casey's threat. Dan leans over to him and says, "You ever ride the subway all day long, just for the fun of it?" I think this is him talking about his renaissance again. The laugh track found that line hilarious, but it did nothing for me. J.J. asks everyone but Dan, Isaac, and Dana to leave. All the TCs plus a couple of extra TCs who are never heard from again are banished from the room (after Dana says, "Go ahead"). She apologizes for Casey's performance at meetings lately, but J.J. says he isn't concerned about that; he's concerned about Casey's performance on-air. He says that right now, Casey's got less on-air charm and charisma than his high-school driving instructor. How long has he been waiting to use that one? He tells Dan it's time to think about doing the show with another partner. Of course, Dan refuses and leaves, saying he's going to pretend this conversation never happened.

Isaac sarcastically tells J.J. he admires how J.J. manhandled his staff, and J.J. starts to say something but Isaac points at him and says, "Don't take me on." Isaac's "don't take me on" is infinitely more menacing than Casey's "foot on your throat" threat. "The network's not going to wait forever," says J.J. Yeah, because the network's too old just to be having fun. So if Casey's not in this thing for the long haul, maybe they should just break up now. J.J. leaves. Isaac says to Dana, "It's your call. But pretty soon it's going to be my call. 'Cause here's the thing: I can't let it be their call." He does not look happy. He leaves. Dana throws up her hands and says "yeah." Commercials.

When we come back, Jeremy is sitting on a couch in the newsroom. Dana comes striding by, muttering about how she can't get a decent satellite signal from Buenos Aires. Jeremy says, "Excuse me, ma'am?" and he starts getting into his trademark weather-geek mode, talking about some sort of high-pressure system that will blow over in a couple of hours and the satellite signal will be all right. Dana discusses it for a bit and then annoyingly asks, "Who, who, who is this?" to the rest of the newsroom as the laugh track tells us that was really funny. He introduces himself, and she realizes he's the guy here for the associate producer job. I can't believe she couldn't tell it was him from his so-totally-cuteness. Jeremy does this elaborate bow and "what an honour" and all this kind of crap, but she tells him she's not ready for the interview, so he sits down and looks really nervous while she leaves.

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Sports Night




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