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On the monitors is the long-distance race -- there's one runner far ahead of the pack. Anyone want to guess who's winning? The entire staff is rapt, watching the screens. Lucky Dan showed up, because no one thought to turn on the audio until he screeched for it, while Casey starts saying, "That time can't be right!" As the race enters the final moments, everyone starts cheering Nelson on. Casey looks around and runs to a phone and calls Charlie (who had to be woken up by Lisa -- I don't see this custody arrangement changing any time soon). Isaac looks over and spies Casey rushing into the meeting room where it's quieter. "Charlie! It's Dad! Did you finish all your homework?" Wha? (To his credit, Casey makes a "why did I ask that?" gesture.) Casey tells Charlie to turn on the TV ("My channel," says Casey. I liked that). He tells Charlie who the runner is. "I'll call you tomorrow and tell you all about it, but for now you just watch him run. He's not doing much, he's just running faster than any man has ever run before." He then tells Charlie he's going to be on air soon, and Charlie can stay up to watch the beginning of the show ("if Mom says it's okay") but when he gives Charlie the special signal (aw!), he has to turn off the TV. Casey's voice breaks a little as he says, "I love you too, Charlie."

Out in the newsroom, the race has just ended, and Dana starts bossing people around. She tells someone to fetch Casey, but Isaac volunteers. He swings open the meeting room door. "You okay?" he asks. "Absolutely," says Casey. "Get to work," says Isaac. "Absolutely," says Casey, looking very happy.

At the desk, Dana's running down the teasers with Dan, but Casey struts in and says he'll do them. "It's not that my teasers are better than yours, it's that your teasers are vastly inferior to mine." Can we have grouchy Casey back, please? A moment later, Casey tells Dan, "You were right, I was wrong. It won't happen again." Wait, what won't happen again -- Casey being an asshole or Danny being right? Then Casey asks if Dan wants to go out and suggests going to a bar, finding some people they don't like, and beating the crap out of them. I'll put down $100 on the guys they don't like. Casey goes on to deliver the teasers with annoying gusto, and in the control room, Dana smiles and says, "He's back!" Goddammit.

At the first break, Casey asks Dana to come to the desk. When she does, he kisses her on the cheek. "No one can produce this show but you," he says, and hugs her. Dan looks over and smiles. Dana smiles. Everybody's smiling! But by now I've passed out.

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Sports Night




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