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Thanks to Wing Chun and Glark, who hurriedly mailed off a tape of the season finale after I came home and discovered I had accidentally taped the last half-hour of 60 Minutes instead of Sports Night.

Fade in with Isaac on the phone saying, "I understand," and "I want to be kept posted throughout the day and night," and he hangs up the phone. We see Dana in his office, staring at him. He tells Dana a company called Quo Vadimus has entered the bidding for Continental Corp. "From out of nowhere?" asks Dana, incredulous. She wants to know what has happened to MDI, the other bidder, and Isaac says they're still in it. Dana gets up and starts pacing, telling Isaac, "We want MDI." She's flummoxed by these other guys coming in -- "Platypus," she calls them, and Isaac corrects her. No one knows anything about Quo Vadimus (and at first I was confused because I was thinking, "Quo Vadis? The company that makes those daily planners?"), but Isaac says they're getting info. "In the meantime," he begins to lecture her, but Dana interrupts to promise she won't say anything to anyone, except I think we all know (including Isaac) just how much that sentence means coming from Dana. She wants to know when she's blabbed anything Isaac has told her, and he says, "Every day you've been here," so you think maybe he might have learned his lesson by now. How does that saying go? "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 840 times, shame on me." Isaac tells her they'll know more by the end of the day and tells her not to start a "brushfire," which refers either to her loose lips or her tendency to throw lit cigarettes into wastebaskets. She says something about her incredible capacity for growth.

She leaves and skulking around in the hall is Natalie, and thank God she doesn't have a "coconut piña colada" in her hand this week. Of course, Dana tells her everything, even furtively glancing over her shoulder back towards Isaac's office. Natalie wants to know what "Quo Vadimus" means and whether or not they'll want the cable company. Dana doesn't know. "What does it sound like they do?" asks Natalie. "Sounds like they're the official airline of the Holy Roman Empire," says Dana, which I thought was a pretty funny line. They're in the newsroom now. "Well, they're probably not that," says Natalie. "Can't make any money doing that," which I also thought was funny. Dana says, "Isaac asked me to keep this quiet --" but Natalie stops her and yells at the top of her lungs, "Kim, Elliot, get me everything you can on a company called Quo Vadimus, they put in a bid for Continental Corp," and everyone can hear her and Dana grimaces, or maybe she was jealous that she didn't get to blab it this time. "See you at the rundown," says Natalie to Dana as they split, and that's also Dan and Casey's cue to begin their part of the scene . . .

. . . as the camera just switches over to their (Dan's) office, and Dan says there is absolutely no way he can be expected to concentrate under these circumstances, and Casey, looking a little exasperated about this, says, "Danny," and for most people at CSC, these distracting circumstances would likely be the sale of Continental Corp., but this is Dan we're talking about here, and Kim says, "What happened?" and Casey says, "Rebecca sent him flowers," and Dan all manic walks through the newsroom, and all of the TCs but Will get lines as we go over the arrival in last week's episode of "flowers for Algernon" here. Dan says, "She walks out of my life a year ago and walks back in with cards and a flower," and I'm assuming he meant "flowers and a card," so maybe Josh Charles flubbed a line, or maybe it was supposed to be that way because Danny is all distracted. If it was intentional, I thought it was a nice detail. If it was a mistake, frigging learn your lines, Charles, it's your season finale over here. Casey finally ropes Dan back into his office and suggests Dan just get it over with and call her, and I yell at the screen, "No, Danny, don't call her!" and Dan says, "Call her?" and then very determinedly says, "I'm not calling her!" and Casey says, "Okay, let's get to work." Dan continues, "There's no WAY I'm calling her!" and I cheer, except this looks suspiciously like fake macho posturing, and Dan says he couldn't call her even if he wanted to because she has a new number. "How do you know?" asks Casey. "Tried calling her," says Dan, as I hang my head in shame for my namesake. But I did laugh.

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