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Quo Vadimus

In the control room, the entire staff has been gathered. Dana stands up and tells everyone, although most of them already know, that they've been sold to Quo Vadimus. "I don't know what our future is anymore." She says she doesn't really know what to say to them. "I don't even know what the hell Quo Vadimus means," she says. Did you guess Jeremy would know? I did! "It means, 'Where are we going?'" he says. "What?" says Dana, freaked out, and stares at him for about an hour. "I have to go someplace," she says. "What's the matter?" asks Natalie. "Natalie, take the top of the show, I'll be right back," she yells as she runs off. Nobody moves. Finally, Elliot says, "Natalie, five minutes." So they get moving and shoo all the extras out of the control room.

At Anthony's, BG w/ BS is perched on his usual stool, and Dana runs in out of breath and tries to ask him if his name is Calvin Trayger, but she may be hyperventilating. "I just need your water," she says, and gulps down a clear liquid in his glass. He watches her and says, "That was a gin martini." And she says, "Yes, I know that now," which made me laugh. "Is your name Calvin Trayger?" He says yes, and confirms he's the new owner of Continental Corp. "Why didn't you tell me?" asks Dana. "I just wrote a cheque for eighteen billion dollars, Dana," he says, and yes, dutifully impressed are we all, "Calvin," who continues, "My scouting says you don't keep a secret so good." "I can change," she says. "Yeah. Well, we're going to work on that." "You're keeping the station?" She asks. "Yeah." "You're keeping this show?" Dana's looking like she's about to cry. "Yeah. Anybody who can't make money off of Sports Night should get out of the money-making business" like take THAT, American Broadcasting Corporation, in a pretty blatant and satisfying swipe. Good luck with your new show, Geena, you bastards! Bet it lasts a long time! "I don't know what to say," says Dana. He glances at the TV. "Your show is on," he says. She starts giggling and laughing and yelling, "My show is on!" and repeats it about a hundred and fifty times as she leaves the bar.

Back on the desk, Dan and Casey are calling the highlights in really obviously disheartened tones. They go to commercial. Dead silence in the control room. Finally Jeremy says, "Hey, let's hear some chatter in here!" like he thinks he's playing outfield or something. "Jeremy's right!" says Elliot. Still, no one says anything, until finally Elliot says, "So, how you doing, Jeremy?" I think, at the end of the season, with the dust settled, that Elliot is my favourite TC (not including Kim). Dana comes running back in, very happy. "I'm back," she says. No duh. "What's going on?" says Natalie. "Gimme the headset," she says, and puts it on. "Dan, Casey," she says. Cut to Dan and Casey on the desk, but we don't hear what Dana says to them. We just see the Anchorknobs start smiling. When they go back live, Dan says, "Well, it looks like we're stuck with each other for a little while," and the two of them kind of flub their lines a little and are barely able to contain their glee and it was really nice. In the control room, everyone is also very happy, and even that no-name woman TC who isn't always on the show is there, and she gets a line. Natalie and Jeremy smile at each other. Isaac is all of a sudden just there like Obi-Wan Kenobi and he puts his hand on Dana's shoulder, and she smiles and clasps it and kisses it. Then the camera goes back to the desk and pulls away slowly as the show ends on Dan and Casey's good-natured on-air banter as the curtain drops on the last Sports Night episode on ABC. No, I didn't cry. But it was a very good show.

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