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Reblecha. Get it? "Blech"?

In the control room, Dana tells Jeremy she needs thirty seconds of film. He suggests some sort of high-pressure system. When she glares at him, he acquiesces and suggests something having to do with sports instead. Jeremy really got screwed out of a plot in this episode. Natalie asks Dana if she talked to Casey. Dana says yes. She won't tell Natalie what Casey said, but she does say she feels better.

At the desk, Dan is filling Casey in on how things went with Rebecca, and Casey is actually paying attention. Wow -- when Casey decides to be nice, you really get your money's worth. He suggests that Rebecca's playing hard to get. Dan rejects that, saying he doesn't think she's interested at all. "Gotta respect her for that," he says. Indeed. Then the Poignant Music kicks in as Danny suddenly says, "I don't even know her, and no joke, I really like her. It's a little painful to me that I'm not going to be seeing her tonight. You understand what I'm saying?" Awww. Casey says, "Truthfully? Yes I do." He looks off camera slightly. We don't see what he's looking at, and it could be the snack table, but for the purposes of ending this episode on a wistful note, let's go with Dana.

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Sports Night




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