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Reblecha. Get it? "Blech"?

I guess Jeremy is the guy who'll get to the point; he says he only mentioned the Denver weather because it was unseasonably warm. Oh, have we conveniently jumped back to winter, after being at July 31 last episode for baseball's trade deadline? Or maybe Sports Night exists in a parallel universe, where 66 degrees actually is unseasonably warm for Denver in August. Whatever the case, Dana doesn't care, even if it's a record, although it isn't. Jeremy says there was record rainfall in Katmandu, and Dana asks if he'd mind if she made fun of him for being a weather nerd. I'm kind of surprised that Jeremy's weather nerdiness isn't just one more of his ideal boyfriend qualities as far as Dana and Natalie are concerned. Natalie says that Jeremy prefers "meteorology nerd," which Jeremy confirms. Dana asks again for tape of the end of the Michigan game, and Jeremy has to point out again that that tape doesn't exist yet. Dana sarcastically thanks "Mr. Helper," and Natalie stands by her man and tells Dana not to get "persnickety." And if one of the rules of the Sports Night drinking game happened to be "drink every time someone says 'persnickety,'" then the amount of alcohol you'd be forced to consume in the next ten seconds would pretty much instantly shut down your nervous system. Which, all things considered right now, isn't unappealing. Instead, since I knew how long this was going to take, I played some basketball in the park, wrote a letter home, cleaned my bathroom, and finished my master's thesis on Raskolnikov's inner turmoil in Crime and Punishment -- and when I returned to the show, they were just moving along, having settled any disputes over whether or not Dana's being persnickety and what degree of said persnicketyness she's being and why she's being persnickety. According to Natalie, it's because she thinks Gordon's about to break up with her; also, she's secretly in love with Casey. Dana wants to know if Natalie can distinguish between conversations they have in private and conversations they have in a roomful of people. Well, on this show, that line gets crossed quite often, so I don't think Dana can blame Natalie. Isaac pops in and says he wants to see the senior staff in the conference room after the show. When Dana asks why, Isaac says, "Because I said so." "Oh, and that's not persnickety?" Dana asks the room. "He makes it work," says Elliot, which was pretty funny. And true! It's funny and true! Dana wants to know if any of the staff are going to be fired after the show. Isaac says "no," but Dana assures him that she doesn't care if they are.

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