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Reblecha. Get it? "Blech"?

Back at the desk, Dan is wrapping up this apparently complicated story about how he's now seeing this girl named Elaine, so he can't ask out the girl from the elevator, even though Natalie keeps telling her he will. Casey still does not get it, but I don't think that's saying much. He likely wasn't paying close attention, as the story has nothing to do with him. The boys go back live as we go to commercial.

Back live with some throwaway jokes, as Danny wraps up a horse-racing story and says the horse "declined to comment" and Casey welcomes a new affiliate in New Mexico and says if anyone in New Mexico is watching, they should turn off their televisions and go outside, because "you live in New Mexico, for crying out loud." Isaac might want to rethink his promise not to fire anyone after watching Casey's revolutionary broadcasting strategy of encouraging viewers to turn off their televisions. Show's over. Dana reminds everyone of the meeting in the conference room. Danny valiantly says he's going to try telling the story again. Casey asks if he can make a suggestion. "What if instead of you telling me this story right this second, you never tell me this story ever." Heh. I now use that line myself. Of course, since I've started using it, I've lost a few friends. Of course, I'll always have Sars. Right, Sars? ...Sars? Hey, look, a tumbleweed. Anyway, the boys walk and talk while Dan tells the story and Casey continues to butt in with stupid and annoying questions. The gist of it is this: Danny, Natalie, and a woman named Rebecca (whom Natalie knows) were in the elevator. Dan chatted up Rebecca and later told Natalie he thought she seemed nice. A couple of days later, Natalie told Dan that Rebecca really liked him and he should ask her out. Dan said he would call her, but now this "Elaine" has entered the picture. Oh, and also, Dan's been busy studying for his English exam. He needs to get at least a B to pass the course, because if he doesn't, he's off the basketball team and the state final is next week.

We take a break from one gripping love-life saga to focus on another one. Dana is whining that Gordon is going to break up with her and she needs to "pull a rabbit out of a hat." Natalie suggests talking to Casey. She says it over and over again as Dana tells her to give the Casey thing a rest, but it's Natalie's only advice. Dana wants to know why she should talk to Casey. "Casey's good at this," says Natalie. "We have a meeting," says Dana. Glad somebody remembered. "Also, you're secretly in love with him," says Natalie. Dana denies it, but Natalie doesn't buy it so Dana takes off.

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Sports Night




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