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In Isaac's office, J.J. is saying that Isaac is absolutely right to be upset. Isaac denies he's upset, and it's just like the "persnickety" thing from before. Isaac reads from the article, which is about a meeting between Luther Sachs and "programming veteran" Dellahansen. The article quotes a spokesperson for CSC as saying that the meeting was just lunch between two social acquaintances and not an attempt to court Dellahansen. Isaac pauses to ask who the spokesperson was. "Betty Gates in P.R.," says J.J. "I've heard stronger denials," says Isaac, and J.J. assures him she's already been "called on the carpet." Isaac continues, "'One source familiar with the situation and speaking on the condition of anonymity said recent friction between Sachs and Sports Night's managing editor, Isaac Jaffee, had more to do with on-air content'" -- Isaac emphasizing this as he glares at J.J. -- "'than with off-air differences of opinion.'" Isaac asks who the unnamed source is, but J.J. says they have no idea. Isaac says that when he says something, he puts his name to it. J.J. says that Luther regrets the lunch with Dellahansen, and he regrets any embarrassment it has caused. Isaac says he can tell from the way Luther hasn't called all morning. There's a knock on the door. Jeremy comes in and says he hates to interrupt but he's looking for a staple remover. Dan walks by in the hallway, pretends to spot Jeremy, and asks him if he got that staple remover. Then he says "hi" to J.J., who looks a little suspicious. Isaac asks who else is out there. Dana and Casey come in, looking a little sheepish. Isaac reminds them that he told them not to worry about it. Jeremy asks if he should close the door. Isaac says as long as they're all on the other side of it, yes, which stops the gang from shuffling forward as they're doing now. Heh.

On the way back to the newsroom, Dan peels off, saying he's going to go talk to Rebecca -- or, as Casey terms her, "Elevator Woman" -- because "it's the menschy thing to do." Natalie, having latched onto Dana again, points out that now is a good time for Dana to talk to Casey, because he's alone in his office right now. Dana asks why Casey would be interested in helping her prevent Gordon from breaking up with her. "He's not, but he'll do it anyway," says Natalie. Dana asks why. "Because he's secretly in love with you," says Natalie, which Dana disputes. "We've been over this," she says. Yes, we have. We've been over it and through it and around it and inside it. We've met it in the grocery store, we've asked it out to dinner, we've slept with it, we've made it breakfast in the morning. We've introduced it to our families, we've made plans with it, we've moved in together. And now we've grown apart and we're better off breaking up with it. We're at the stage where we're awkward with it when we bump into it on the street. Maybe someday down the road we can be friends with it, but right now we just need some space from it. Okay? We're fourteen episodes into the season, and the Dana-Casey thing has moved absolutely nowhere. Nowhere. So please, somebody, put me out of my misery. Dana notices Jeremy standing close by, taking this all in. She asks him what he needs. "This'll sound ridiculous, but I actually need a staple remover." Okay, that was funny, but why would Jeremy ask Dana for it? Does he think she keeps one in her pocket or something? She tells him to leave her alone and walks off.

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