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Reblecha. Get it? "Blech"?

In some new hallway, we see a woman who I presume is Rebecca. Oh, who am I kidding? We all know it's Rebecca -- we've seen all the episodes already, we all know how this is going to turn out, and I think maybe we can all find more productive uses for our time, don't you? Dan shows up and says "hello," and Presumably Rebecca brightly says "hi there!" Dan says she has every right to be mad, but before she gets angry he wants to speak his piece. She says all right. So he spreads it out for her in a nutshell, blah blahing about how he meant to call her -- and here I realize that Danny may be frightened of causing Bobbi Bernstein II: Psychotic Boogaloo -- but then things got serious with Elaine and blah blah, he says "the menschy thing to do" again and stuff about how he really did like her. When he finally finishes, she says, "Who the hell are you?" Taken aback, he says, "It's me!" She asks him if this is a joke and starts walking to the hallway. She wants to know if Jennifer put him up to this. "I don't know a Jennifer," he says. Really? I know, like, a dozen. "I don't know you," she says. "I'm Dan Rydell," he says. He has to say it a couple of times before she remembers him as the guy from the elevator. He clues in that Natalie hasn't talked to her about him, which she confirms, saying she wasn't expecting him to call her. Dan says "okay" and laughs it off, then walks away.

In an editing room, Casey is looking at tape of a NASCAR race when Dana walks in. Inane throwaway dialogue about the race. Then Dana asks Casey what he needs. He points out that she came to see him. Dan comes in and starts to babble about what just happened with Rebecca, but Casey has to finish flirting with Dana, who giggles and says she forgets what she came in for and takes off. Dan slumps into a seat and says, "She wasn't expecting me to call her." He relays the whole sorry spectacle to Casey, who only says "that must have been awkward" and "so Natalie blew the call." Dan agrees with him on both counts, but "that's not [his] real problem." Casey says he doesn't care what Dan's real problem is. Keep in mind, this is the guy who Natalie said is "good" at this sort of thing. Natalie's blowing all sorts of calls. Luckily, Dan doesn't care that Casey doesn't care, so Dan goes right ahead and says his real problem is that he was being cute as a button and she didn't jump him right there. I mean, those aren't his exact words, but that's the gist of it. Casey rightly reminds him that his whole reason for going there was to tell her he couldn't go out with her, which Dan says isn't the point. He decides to go talk to her again. Casey says he's going to do their job. Like he's one to talk.

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Sports Night




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