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In Isaac's office, J.J. is getting his coat and asking if there's a message Isaac wants him to deliver to Luther. "A message I want you to deliver?" says Isaac. J.J. makes a bunch of noise about how he's a good go-between, and Isaac says he doesn't need a go-between. J.J.'s just way too smarmy here. Isaac says creating division between the show and the network is not good for anybody, including the show, CSC, Continental Corp., or Luther himself. "Give him that message," says Isaac. Refusing to be unsmarmed, J.J. tells Isaac that he wishes Isaac would use him more. "I think I could help," he says. Isaac looks at him, sizing him up. Robert Guillaume's expression is perfect here. "I suppose you're right," says Isaac quietly. J.J. turns to go, and then tells Isaac that his fiancée is in town and asks Isaac if it's okay if he brings her by the show. Isaac says he doesn't mind and tells him to ask Dana, then watches J.J. leave.

Down in Rebecca's Hallway, Rebecca is giving some instructions to a woman named Toni. Poor Toni doesn't even get a line; she just nods her head and ducks into a room where a host of other useless extras probably hang out and play Go Fish. Dan shows up, and Rebecca says, "Hi, Don." Danny corrects her and says he felt bad about their first meeting. "In the elevator?" asks Rebecca. Dan says he actually felt good about that meeting; it was the other one he felt bad about. "There's no need to feel bad about any of our meetings," says Rebecca. Dan says it's easy for her to say since she doesn't remember any of them. "It was ten seconds in an elevator," says Rebecca. Dan says some of his best dates have been ten seconds in an elevator. No, of course he doesn't, but how many of you readers are now hearing Aerosmith's "Love In An Elevator" in your head right about now? How many of you are thinking about livin' it up while you're going down? Danny reminds Rebecca that she's seen him on television. "When have I seen you on TV?" she asks. Hang onto your ego -- Dan says, "I'm Dan Rydell!" which doesn't mean anything to Rebecca, so he does the whole intro to the show. Finally she realizes he's talking about Sports Night, but she says she's never seen it. You and millions of viewers across North America, Rebecca. Dan's bewildered about this and asks her if she doesn't work for CSC. She says she does work for Continental Corp., as an analyst, but they don't force her to watch the show. You have to admire Dan's ego in this scene. It gets battered and beaten, but it keeps on getting up and heading back into the fray. His ego is like the Rocky of egos. He says that people do watch the show voluntarily and that it's a good show. Rebecca, trying to be nice, says, "Yeah, I liked the part where you said your name." Heh. Dan says they do more than that. "I would think," says Rebecca. Dan repeats his earlier reason for visiting, that if it weren't for Elaine he would have called her. She thanks him for stopping by and gets back to work. He waits for a few moments, probably waiting for her to take her clothes off and hop in his lap. When she doesn't, he gets up and leaves. Now watch him complete his transformation into stalker as he comes back in. "I really do have to work," she says. He confesses that he likes her and he's enjoyed the little conversations they've been having (which I think makes one of us), and he asks her to have a drink with him. She says that's really sweet. Then she turns him down flat. He pleads his case; she tells him she's flattered but not interested. He says she doesn't have to hit him over the head, at least not seven or eight times. Would that Sorkin could say the same when it comes to getting the point across to the viewers. Dan says he's going to go scrape his self-image off the floor, which he appears to do instantly, since he then says he's going to go do his show, which can be seen every night. Rebecca says she'll keep it in mind.

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Sports Night




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