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Just like last week, this week's episode of Sports Night has a mini-crossover with another one of ABC's shows, this time NYPD Blue. Only whereas last week the characters on Spin City were watching Sports Night, the CSC show, this week's cross-promotion seems to acknowledge that it's just a show. It's two women detectives, one played by Kim Delaney, and a blonde one who I don't think is on the show anymore and whose name I can't remember. Delaney is making sure Blondie is going to tape Sports Night for her. She also insists that Blondie tell her what happens with Dana and Casey, even though Blondie said she'd tape it. Then ABC Voiceover Guy says, "Get to know Dana and Casey," along with a clip from the episode where Casey practises his flirting on Dana, and he's all goofy. Except that unless you know what that scene was about, it kind of looks like Peter Krause forgot his lines. Then there's a shot of a Sports Night baseball cap, the popularity of which shot up exponentially when Ol' Dirty Bastard wore one in a video, next to the flashing lights on a police cruiser, and ABC Voiceover Guy says, "It would be a crime to miss it." Because NYPD Blue is about cops, you see. So it's really a very clever line. And I assume anybody watching said, "Well, if the writing on Sports Night is as sharp as that 'crime' joke, I'm there!"

We come up on a very sedentary newsroom. The Tertiary Characters are all sitting around, not saying or doing much of anything. This doesn't bode well for this episode, I have to say. It reminded me of this birthday party I went to when I was twelve. Nobody really liked this kid, but he sent invitations to everybody, and my mom said it would be rude for me to bail on it. So it was me and five or six other guys whose moms cared about crap like that at this kid's house. He didn't even have Nintendo, for God's sake. So we all just sat around, just like the TCs here. Elliot says something about what a slow news day it is. Chris and Dave both agree, and then Will and Kim each say something like, "Yet here we are," and here we go again with the unspoken rule that every TC must get a line. Just once I'd like to get the sense that Sorkin wasn't consulting a TC dialogue checklist to make sure all their lines are evenly distributed. Can't a TC be sullen once in a while? I bet Will would do great sullen. I bet Will has a rifle at home he's always polishing. Elliot says something about waiting for the games to start. Approximately three days later, Kim asks him when the first game starts. Elliot tells her they start in about seven hours. Kim's eyes go wide and she says "wow," which is coincidentally the exact same expression she has in several daydreams of mine.

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