Sports Night

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Here's the thing

Casey, alone in his office. A giddy Dana comes in and asks what Casey and Gordon were talking about. Casey says "nothing" but Dana presses, keeping her voice light. Casey still says "nothing," though. Dana says Casey and Gordon are getting along well now, and says she's glad about that. Then she says that things are going well now with Gordon, and she almost sounds like she believes it, and Casey says he's glad about that. Then we get an annoying sequence where Dana says "what" and Casey says "nothing," and before this can be completely pounded into the ground, Elliot comes by and says, "The games have started." Dana and Casey look at him, kind of uncomprehendingly. I'm not sure, but I think this may be the first time that I've had to use this ol' MBTV standby: we get it. Dana skips off; Casey, looking fairly lovesick, watches her go. Crank up the "Crimson and Clover," please, we're out.

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Sports Night




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