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Tight close-up on Dan's face. Really tight. You can see his nose hairs. He's slurping some sort of beverage. He wants to know exactly how the shirt was left behind. Turns out that Casey spilled some wine, the shirt was thrown in the laundry, and in the morning he didn't feel like sticking around so he threw his jacket on over his t-shirt and left. Dan says that Casey slinked home, but Casey challenges his use of the word "slink." Dan goes over the pertinent details -- when Casey left, it was 6 a.m.; it was just getting light out; he was wearing his jacket over a t-shirt; therefore, "you slinked home, my young friend." Dan says he's never felt closer to Casey in his life. He's smirking. I kind of am too. I like the early-morning slink home. I mean, it's not one I've done very often -- it's pretty much restricted to one-night deals, and I'm not really like that -- but that walk home feels pretty good; it's more like a strut than a slink, if you ask me. It's been awhile since I've done that, but maybe that's because I have a car now. It's not the same in a car, really. It's hard to strut in a car. Especially in an '89 Tempo.

In the editing room, Dana has Gordon on the phone and is about to explain why she called. Natalie yells for Dana to abort, and mercifully Dana does. She just says, "Daaaaaah, there was no reason for this call!" Then she giggles like a crazy woman and starts to babble about calling in the middle of the day. All the while she's holding what looks to be a mouse pad with this weird cow pattern, and she's kind of waving it around, so at first I was so jumpy from frayed nerves from this excruciating scene that I was kind of freaked out about it, thinking to myself, "WHAT IS THAT THING?" but as the scene wore on (and I do mean "wore on"), I just kind of focused on the cow mouse pad and prayed for the scene to end. It's just so long, though. Dana starts making happy squealing noises on the phone and whispers to Natalie that "this is really good," stuff like that. When she gets off the phone, she tells Natalie that Gordon said he'd come by after the show and they'll go for a drink. Dana's fake enthusiasm continues apace. She says everything's fine, that Gordon's tone of voice was all she needed to hear, and more along these lines of barely coherent babbling, interrupted only long enough to note that Jeremy is still at it mixing the eggnog. Someone tell the poor schmuck you can actually buy it in cartons. Well, maybe not at Easter. Which actually might clue him in.

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Sports Night




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