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"Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to be playing for a contender," Shane is saying. He holds up both hands and says, "Ten fingers, no rings. You know what I'm saying? This city is a pigsty. The garbage, the noise, the traffic, the muggings..." Dana leans into her microphone and says, "Ask him if he's seen The Lion King yet." Jeremy says, "This is too much. Casey, throw him a rope." "Don't throw him a rope, Casey!" says Dana. Shane is saying, "You guys speak like, what, fourteen different languages or something?" and why anyone would see that as a bad thing is a mystery to me, and this is getting eerily close to the John Rocker anti-New York tirade, but this episode was broadcast less than a month before the Rocker interview appeared in Sports Illustrated. Aaron Sorkin is like the Jules Verne of television writing, apparently. Casey tosses him another softball question about how he's "gotta be excited" about playing at Yankee Stadium. Dana gets pissed off: "He threw him a rope!" Shane says, "Not really." Jeremy says, "And he's wrapping it around his neck." "I am in such a good mood right now," says Dana.

Casey wraps up the interview. After the camera stops rolling, Shane says, "I thought that was pretty good." Casey gives a less-than-enthusiastic "yeah." "You didn't like it," says Shane. Casey puts his arm on Shane's shoulders and leads him off the set and says it's not a good idea to insult everybody his first week in New York. "Who did I insult?" says Shane, genuinely bewildered. "Well, everyone," says Casey. "You mean everyone in New York," says Shane. "Well, we got a bit of a population here," says Casey. Shane protests that he hears New Yorkers say those things all the time. Casey says, "You ever heard the expression 'Nobody hits my little brother but me'?" Shane says "no" and "what does it mean?" Casey, realizing that Shane is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, says, "Doesn't matter. I'll fix it." "You'd do that for me?" "No problem." "You're the best, Casey." Shane's leaving and says, "We're going to hook up tonight?" and Casey says, "We are going to throw DOWN!" "You'll edit the tape?" reminds Shane. "Oh yeah, I'll just see Dana," confirms Casey. Then they high-five, Shane leaves, and Casey's smile disappears at the prospect of seeing Dana.

In Dana's office, "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves is playing full blast while Dan jiggles and shimmies and watches a tape of the interview. Casey walks in and laughs at this. "I'm giddy as a schoolgirl, Casey, I'm a cat with kittens," and I don't even know what that means. "Pretty happy with the interview?" says no-duh Casey. "This is found gold!" squeals Dana. "And who has it besides us? Hmmm. Nobody!" and dances her way over to Casey and, um, she's kind of turning me on. She calls it her Dance of Joy. "Let's watch it again!" she says. Exactly what I was thinking. Casey asks her how she would feel about him editing out the part where Shane doesn't like New York. Dana abruptly stops the Dance of Joy. "Is the tape damaged?" she asks, breathlessly. "No," says Casey. "Is your brain on fire?" she asks. Now there's a plotline for Sorkin to consider. "No," says Casey. "Then what the hell are you talking about?" she says. "I know the guy," says Casey, and now it's Dana's turn to say "no," despite Casey also saying, "We go back" and "He screwed up!" Finally, he plays his trump card and says, "We're throwin' down tonight." Dana pauses, appears to consider this, says "no," and begins the Dance of Joy again. Casey says "okey-doke" and leaves her office. More bouncing from Dana.

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Sports Night




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