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Anyway, Shane says, "I should kick your ass!" "Kick his ass, Casey!" says Dana, who evidently has still not let go of her biker chick personality from a few episodes ago. Casey turns around and says, "You're not making this any easier." "Well, that's what I was trying to do," she mutters. Shane tells Casey to stay out of his face and to stay out of his locker room. Yeah, I'm sure the new free agent in town can ban Casey from the Yankee clubhouse. "We're out of here," says Shane to his entourage. So he brought all these people here just so he could tell off Casey? Sounds rather...dramatic, I guess. Casey says, "Shane. You're going to wear Yankee pinstripes. You're going to roam the same piece of ground as Gehrig and DiMaggio and Mantle. Your salary's going to be paid by people who work hard and like baseball. And if you can't get excited about that, I think the very least you can do is fake it." Well, the least he could do would be nothing. Shane, although he appeared to be listening, shakes his head and leaves. Elliot walks over and gives Casey a "way to go, buddy" slap but doesn't even get a line. Dan walks in and asks Casey what happened. "Just taking care of business," says Casey in a shout-out to Bachman Turner Overdrive. "Where you been?" he asks Dan. Dan lies and says he was at the office but can't come up with a reason why he was there, so Casey looks a little suspicious. Casey asks him if there's anything he wants to talk about. Dan looks kind of scared but shakes his head. He asks Casey if it's okay if he just sits down for a while. "Of course it's okay, what's going on?" "There may be periods of time in the conversation where I don't say anything funny. There may be periods of time where I don't say..." "Danny..." Pause. "I'm fine." "I'm right here." "I know." Casey puts his arm on Dan's shoulder and walks him over to the table. The show ends kind of blurry.

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Sports Night




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