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It's just before showtime. Dan and Casey are on their way to the studio, and they're going over the rules of blackjack. Casey wants to know when Dan became the guy who knows more than him about blackjack, like Casey needs everything just so in his life, and everyone in his support network (the people most of us would call "friends") needs to stay within their allotted roles; otherwise Casey has a hard time dealing with it when someone grows or changes. And it's an example of how extreme Casey's particular need to categorize people actually is in that one of the ways he ranks people is in the scope of their blackjack knowledge. Anyway, Casey tells Dan that Dan usually loses at blackjack, and Dan says that "tonight's different" because he's in the zone, and if that's not something a compulsive gambler would say, I don't know what is. How sad that Danny brings a sports term over to his seedy gambling problem; I remember when "the zone" was strictly a basketball term, and it's a very palpable feeling you get when you're in it -- a confidence you get because every time the ball leaves your fingertips you know it's going in the basket. And Danny using it to describe a game of chance (and I've played blackjack, so don't tell me you can play smart and make money, because the rules aren't designed for the house to lose, despite what James Coburn would have you believe) is just sad. But as Casey and Danny argue about whether or not there's a zone, Danny claims there is a "very palpable" zone, which is annoyingly what I just said about the zone in basketball.

Next, Casey is telling Jeremy to check Natalie's shot sheet (except it sounds like he's saying "Chachi") because she got something wrong. "You got something wrong?" says Jeremy, turning to Natalie, who snaps at him and calls him "Wonder Boy" and says after the show she's going to kill herself. Jeremy, it's not too late to climb Everest, you know, if Natalie's all you have holding you back. "Why don't you go play tennis with your friends?" she says, and Jeremy whines, "How many times do you want me to say I'm sorry?" as Natalie flounces on out of there past Elliot. "It's going to be a few more times," says Elliot. "We're having a little thing," says Jeremy to Dana. But Dana can't be bothered to listen to Jeremy: "I've been hearing about it all day," she says curtly, probably because it looks like Jeremy screwed up, so therefore he must be treated with scorn by Dana. "She wanted to go to the movies," says Jeremy. Dana: "I really have been hearing about it all day." Translation: "Your side of the story doesn't interest me, silly male." The only other alternative is that Dana dislikes discussing people's personal lives at work -- and we all know that's not true. Anyway, Isaac pops in to tell Dana he needs to see her outside, where he tells her he's shrinking. "But that's not what I came to tell you," he says. Oh, well, good thing you said that. Now, with any luck, Dana won't endlessly refer to it for the rest of the episode. The real reason Isaac needed to talk to her was to tell her that Peter and Paul, the West Coast update guys, are stuck in Pittsburgh. Dana is disappointed on Danny and Casey's behalf, as we learn that they're supposed to go to Atlantic City. "Not tonight," says Isaac. Dana warns him that Danny and Casey are going to be pretty mad, so he needs to get in there and tell them. He reveals that he's delegating that particular job to her. She does not seem happy about it.

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