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Dana heads back into the control room and tells the folks there that Peter and Paul are stuck in Pittsburgh and Dan and Casey won't be able to go to Atlantic City tonight. "Who's going to tell them?" asks Natalie. "Funny you should ask that, Natalie," says Dana. D'oh!

At the desk, Danny is getting scary with his blackjack lecture, haranguing Casey. "I say 'double down,' what do you do?" Tough question. Casey wants to know how Danny knows he's in the zone. Danny slams a deck of cards down on the desk and tells Casey to cut it. Casey: nine. Danny: jack. Casey: seven. Danny: eight. Casey starts nodding, then draws a queen. Danny calmly draws an ace. "Dude, you are in the zone!" and they high-five each other. And I was really annoyed at this, because I tried to remember the last time I high-fived someone outside of some sort of athletic competition and then I realized it was just a few weeks ago at the bar when I found out the Kings beat the Flames, meaning I had won $50, and I high-fived a friend of mine, but he was expecting to buy a round now. Maybe it's a gambling thing.

Natalie walks over to the desk to warn them that she has bad news. Nothing can spoil their good mood, though, because they're going to Atlantic City! "Not going to happen," says Natalie, and tells them the news about them having to do the West Coast update. The guys seem disappointed, and Natalie gets all apologetic on them, but they both say "no problem" and tell her "life's like that sometimes." Relieved, Natalie compliments them both on their maturity, which I won't even comment on. After she leaves, though, it's a different story, as Danny says, "Bites!" and Casey says, "Bites hard!" Suck it up, gentlemen. They go live, hiding the tracks of their tears. They go to commercial, and nobody says anything funny at all. Commercials.

Back from commercial, this woman who looks to be about eight feet tall is thanking the boys for sticking around and doing the West Coast update. Casey says it's no problem. But the woman -- this would be Sally Sasser -- says she doesn't like being stuck doing the 2 AM slot. "This is just a temp gig," she says. "Temp gig?" says Casey. "Temporary gig," says Dan. Then Casey is all sarcastically and eye-rollingly "thanks," but you did ask, Casey. Then she starts listing all the people she's "talking" to, as if, and as if it means anything anyway: CNBC, MSNBC. Danny says, "M-O-U-S-E," drawing a warning "Danny" from Casey, but Danny points out that she's only listening to herself. Proving his point, she says she's even talking to CNN. Casey's trying to be polite; Danny points out that they're in the middle of their show, but she doesn't take the hint and jabbers on about how they do good work on the 2 AM slot. In the control room, Dave says, "Sally, we're back in thirty and you're in our shot." Dana says, "I have a keen dislike for that woman." Natalie says she's "perfectly nice," drawing a rebuke from Dana, who wants some "back-up" from Natalie: "Can we have a bond over this, please?" Natalie irritatingly says she'll start disliking Sally if Dana stops thinking Jeremy's right, although it's not like Dana has been acting like she's on Jeremy's side. They strike a deal. Natalie asks Sally to move because "camera two's pretty much got your butt framed." She says that like it's a bad thing. Sally shimmies off as Dana mockingly gives instructions for her to "make sure Casey sees your cleavage as you walk out...there you go." Except there was no cleavage. I was looking. I know cleavage. The boys sign off and "entice" the viewers by telling them they're subbing in on West Coast update that night. Dan says, "Goodnight, Mom," for reasons we never discern.

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