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As they're de-miked, Danny points out they have some time to kill and a deck of cards. "Yessss..." says Casey, and then these two idiots start acting like grifters out to separate their co-workers from their money. They walk and talk into the newsroom, trading Witty Banter, except Dan flubs a set-up from Casey. This gives him pause. "Uh-oh," he says. Casey points at him. "You're not in the zone anymore, are ya?" Danny concedes this. "I'm down here with the rest of you!" he says, genuinely worried. Casey starts gesturing Danny into their office and says, "Let's play cards, come on!" in such a manner that we are led to believe that "let's play cards!" is some sort of euphemism.

Dana walks into Isaac's office and pretends not to see him for a moment. You know, because he's getting shorter? Remember that part from a little while ago? Remember? Isaac doesn't look amused, joining everybody else watching this episode. Dana has papers in her hand and says she has "downloaded some stuff" on osteoporosis. "Dana, this is no joke," he says, except it appears that she's genuinely trying to help, telling him it's not an inevitable result of aging. "In fact, if you haven't reached menopause yet...oh, wait," like, good one, Dana. Isaac grumpily says, "Thank you very much!" while Dana smiles, all pleased at her stupid joke. Dan pops in to ask if they want to join them in the sport of kings, and Dana says horseracing is the sport of kings, while poker is the sport of people who play poker. Another good one from Dana. Then she tells Danny that Isaac is shrinking. "Oh yeah, Dana, I forget to tell you. Spread that around!" says Isaac. They establish the ground rules of the poker game. "Shoe money tonight!" squeals the irrepressible Dana Whitaker. Isaac looks at her. Danny says, "Whatever," at exactly the same time I do. Dana makes more jokes about Isaac shrinking and Isaac grumbles some more about firing her, like, he shouldn't get my hopes up like that.

In an editing room, an apologetic Jeremy is trying to explain to Natalie that "it was one night" and "it was tennis," which, to me, sounds like Jeremy is over-apologizing for something that can't be that big a deal. Natalie complains that it was the first time they both had the same night off in two weeks. Jeremy says they spend every night together. Natalie lists what that entails: "We go back to my place or we go back to your place. We have a lot of sex. We watch the 2 AM wrap-up, we go to sleep, we come to work." Jeremy looks as befuddled as I feel about what exactly the problem is there. The difference between me and Jeremy, though, is that I would know better than to actually say, "Working out pretty well for me," making Natalie's face go hard. She stomps on out of there; Jeremy pathetically trails after her, claiming it was a joke. They argue all the way into the control room, where Natalie whines that instead of going to the movies with her, he decided to play tennis with Judy Rooty-Tooty. "You guys getting all this?" Jeremy asks the TCs. Will asks the question on everybody's minds: "You know someone named Judy Rooty-Tooty?" Jeremy explains that it's an actress friend of his, Judy Rustin Taylor (props for the giving the young actress three names). Chris actually says, "I hear she's great in that new thing." Yeah, I heard the new thing was great too. As we have no reason to believe this is anything other than Natalie forbidding Jeremy to spend time with anyone else but her, I think I'll stop recapping this little temper tantrum now.

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