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Long Tall Sally

Well, except to complain about her actually implying that Jeremy will not get to have sex with her tonight, like, so much for keeping things private like they talked about last episode.

Casey invites everybody to play poker, which I suspect is really just his way of getting everybody else to stay late since he and Danny have to. Anyway, Natalie sees this as an opportunity to "teach Jeremy a lesson." He asks if she even knows how to play poker, and if he wants to keep saying the dumbest things possible in a fight with his girlfriend, it's going to get tougher and tougher to defend him. Natalie says the boys in "Sigma Kappa Pi" let her play in their poker game any time she wanted. "Now why do you suppose that was?" she asks, kind of cockily. "'Cause you're a knockout and your parents are loaded?" says Jeremy, nailing two reasons, but I'm sure there's a third prerequisite that would have earned Natalie free rein among the boys of Sigma Kappa Pi, but I won't say it, because I don't know her that well. Unlike the boys of Sigma Kappa Pi. So she wonders if Jeremy's worried she'll embarrass himself and thus he "won't be able to go to Sundance with Judy the Ho." Now she's insulting his friends. Tell you what -- I really, genuinely dislike Natalie at this moment. Jeremy seems to too, and decides he's up for a little poker.

Back from commercial, the gang is seated around a where-did-this-come-from-all-of-a-sudden green felt table, and Danny is still talking about when he was in the zone as he instructs Casey: "Tell them about the time I was in the zone." Casey, bored: "There was this time he was in the zone." Not a man to mince words, this Casey. Going around the table, the gang tosses in their chips. Dana, smoking a cigar, yells, "Shoe money tonight!" again, annoying me and Isaac. Natalie, eyeing Jeremy, raises the bet $10. Jeremy asks her if she doesn't owe him enough money already. She brings up "the boys of Sigma Kappa Pi" again. Jeremy says, "Natalie, you owe me, like, $700,000. I'm basically your landlord at this point. Stop playing!" "Jealous of the frat boys?" she say. "There are times you're not that easy to love," he says. Jeremy, my brother, it sounds like it's actually quite the opposite.

In a shot from just beyond the shoulders of Dan and Casey, Sally comes in. "How're my guys?" she asks. Her guys look fine, if you ask me. Oh, she means Dan and Casey. She starts talking about what a great show they have lined up, like suddenly she's hosting Saturday Night Live. When she starts talking about what a great job she could do with the 11 PM show, Dana gets up and hustles her out of there, as Sally tries to backpedal by saying, "I guess there's only one Dana Whitaker, though." Not a day goes by I don't praise the Lord for that, I tell you.

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