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Long Tall Sally

The poker players show their hands. Natalie says she has "trip sevens" and starts to collect the pot, somehow forgetting the rule of television poker games, which is that the second-last person to show their cards always has a pretty good hand and starts to collect the pot, but the last person to show cards (in this case, Jeremy) always has a better hand (in this case, a straight) and wins. Natalie says that of all her boyfriends (and she even calls it a "lengthy roster"), Jeremy is her least favourite. Jeremy, get tested now. "I'm just happy to be on the team," smirks Jeremy, which I thought was pretty funny.

In the newsroom, Dana is digging through papers and mumbling something about the rundown. She turns around and is eye-level with Sally's breasts. This is because Sally is approximately two feet taller than Dana. Sally says she doesn't want to get into a "little thing" with Dana. Neither does Dana. "I'm just saying the 2 AM is my show," says Sally, and evil as she is, I have to side with her on this one. Anyway, Dana points to a couple of segments that Casey won't want to do in a particular order. Sally sits on a desk, and she is still taller than Dana. Anyway, Dana tries to pretend her meddling is due solely to the years she's worked with Casey and doesn't have anything to do with jealousy. She says Casey will want to approve the rundown. Sally says he already did, and said it was fine (although he didn't really look at it, just said he had faith in the producer). "You've got a little thing for Casey, don't you?" says Sally. Dana denies it, but Sally says he's cute and probably has good contacts, so she's thinking of taking a run at him herself. Then she collects herself and starts going on about how her friendship with Dana is the most important thing. Her who in the what now? Sally gets up from the desk, and because Dana is currently leaning against the desk, Sally looks approximately twice her size. Dana sort of blows her off, but Sally doesn't really seem to notice and suggests having drinks. Not sure what happened there.

Back at the game, Frank Sinatra Jr. folds while Silvio goes ballistic on some poor kid sweeping up cheese. Tony Soprano looks on in amusement. Oh, wait, I wish. Jeremy wins another hand on another straight. Natalie says he's winning because he's in "the good chair" -- just when I thought it wasn't possible for her to get any more childish. Jeremy calls the boys of Sigma Kappa Pi a "big honkin' bunch of losers," which I have to say was pretty funny.

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