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Dan and Casey's office. Danny is trying to tell Casey that he's come to a decision. "Yeah?" says Casey, barely paying attention. "It's time," says Danny. Casey bellows for Natalie as Danny keeps on saying "it's time" over and over again. Casey has given up any pretense of paying attention and says they've been having a lot of problems with the sports wires. Natalie shows up and asks what Casey wants. He asks if some guy won the pole vault with a jump of 238 feet and six inches. Natalie allows as how that doesn't sound right. "That'd be a record, wouldn't it?" she says, and runs off, yelling for Elliot. With his one distraction gone, Casey is now forced to listen to Danny jabbering on about what time it is or whatever he's talking about.

They start heading toward the set. We learn that Dan has decided it's time for Casey to start meeting women, but Casey disagrees, saying he's met many women. "You haven't met many women, that's why I'm here," says Danny, as we all start to wonder just how close these two are. "You got married at 23 to a girl you met when you were 19," backstories Danny. "I know, I was there," says Casey, by way of apologizing for backstory dialogue. Now there's some confusion whether it's time or past time. If it's past time, Casey is "screwed," but Dan says he's there to help. "Well, thank god for that, Danny, thank god for you!" says Casey. "Do you know why I can help you out? 'Cause there's still time," says Danny. Ugh. Yeah, still about another 21 minutes of this nonsense, by my estimation. They've arrived at the desk.

In the control room, the TCs are busy getting ready for the show. Will and Chris use up their line quota getting their signals crossed on some technical thing. Jeremy walks in, and Dana asks him for "the story" on UCLA-Arizona. So Jeremy expounds on shooting percentage and turnovers et cetera, and it's all meaningless, but I was annoyed because he said UCLA was "one for six from the stripe" and I'm all for colourful language in sports broadcasting, but for some reason, one slang term that really bugs me is "charity stripe" for "free-throw line." And I can't figure out why this one annoys me so much, except that maybe it was really overused in a game I saw once, because that's another thing that broadcasters do that annoys me: they latch onto a new expression and pound it into the ground. And I'm not talking about a signature catchphrase like "Holy cow!" but just comments worked into the play-by-play. I think it's Brent Musberger who can go an entire game without saying "three-pointer"; instead, everybody shoots "the three-ball." Similarly, teams in games called by Marv Albert never seem to "call a time-out"; instead, they're "going to talk it over." Not to mention the substitution of "New York Yankees" for "overpaid bums." ["Oh, here at MBTV HQ we call them 'Daniels.'" -- Sars] Anyway, Jeremy gives a litany of statistics but forgets to give the score. When they ask him for that, he says "wow" like he's stoned or something and they just blew his mind. Finally he gives them the score, and there's YET ANOTHER exchange of smiles between Natalie and Dana over what an amazing catch Jeremy is.

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