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Something wicket this way comes

Jeremy follows Dana as she scours every single Sports Night set, all the while trying to tell Dana about some big cricket match that he doesn't really understand. Dana, who we eventually find out is looking for her shoes, is of the opinion that if there was such a big sports story going on, they'd know about it. Jeremy insists that they do; he just doesn't understand exactly what it is. Okay, Jeremy, some advice. If you have to talk to a guy in Trinidad about a cricket match in New Delhi, the potential audience in the continental U.S. is going to be miniscule. I think there's a reason that you and Dana, who both work for a major sports television channel, don't know anything about cricket. It's that no one cares. Sports isn't like real news, where you have to find the right balance between the news people want and the news people need; sports is all about what people want. That's why Dan makes fun of soccer, but would be lynched if he did that in Europe. That's why Canadian sports highlight shows lead with pre-season hockey over baseball playoffs. And it's why, if any of your viewers sees you wasting time on a cricket match, your network will never get out of third place. Anyway, Dana is looking for her shoes under the conference table and telling Jeremy that the only thing she knows about cricket is that the players drink tea.

As the crew comes in, Dana asks them if they know anything about cricket. None of them do (well, other than Dana-wannabe Natalie, who knows the players drink tea). Dana tells the gang that some cricket guy in New Delhi did something big, but Jeremy won't tell them what. Jeremy protests that it's just that he doesn't understand. Natalie asks him what happened. "He took all ten wickets in one inning," he says. "What does that mean?" asks Natalie. Jeremy doesn't know; he just knows that's big. Dana, instead of nipping this in the bud, tells Elliot to get on the international wire and get the lowdown on the cricket match (which she mistakenly says was in Tripoli, causing Jeremy to freak out and correct her by saying that the guy he was talking to was in Trinidad and the match was in New Delhi, yet he still hasn't explained why he was talking to a guy in Trinidad about a match in New Delhi, other than for Dana-wackiness purposes). Jeremy tells Elliot that the cricket dude's name is Chauncey St. John; Sorkin obviously searched for the most blatantly English name he could come up with, and I can't wait for next week's subplot about an amazing darts match in an Irish pub in which star darts player Mickey O'Begorrah does something amazing.

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