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Someday he'll find it, the restaurant connection

This episode starts with scenes from "Mary Pat Shelby" that detail the story of Natalie being assaulted by Chris Patrick, as well as Jeremy's concern for her. When those are done, we come up on Dan teasing some upcoming segments on Steven Denton, the Atlanta Hawks, "and we answer the question, 'How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?'" And somehow, the reason that Sports Night is mired in third place remains a mystery. After Casey kicks it to commercial, the anchors are brought winter coats and hats, and Dan says he doesn't think he could be colder. "What if you were wet?" asks Kim, kind of excitedly, if you ask me. Dan says he doesn't think there'd be any discernible difference from how cold he is now. Man, just how cold could it possibly be under those studio lights? And Kim doesn't look very cold, if you take my meaning. I've been looking. From the control room, Dana says they're taking care of it. Dan says he'd also like to look a little more like Elmer Fudd (because he has on one of those hunter hats with the ear flaps, and yeah, he does not look unlike Elmer Fudd). Dana asks Natalie if she's got the S.O.T. on Michigan State. Natalie seems a little distracted but says she has it, then she can't find it front of her. She says it was right there and starts to flip out a bit as Dana and Jeremy tell her not to panic. Jeremy looks like he got a perm or something; his hair looks unusually puffy. Natalie starts looking under the desk, and Jeremy helps her while Dana warns the boys that there may be a change (although Natalie yells that there won't be). Jeremy says this is a professional show so there must be some sort of strict procedure that's followed when something like this happens. Dana says "absolutely," even though this doesn't strike me as such a grave crisis that it would warrant some sort of emergency procedure. But here it is: Dana tells everybody to stand up to make sure they're not sitting on it, and, joy of joys, our old friend the laugh track is back to let us know what's funny. Like this. Natalie scurries off to find the Michigan State whatever, and Jeremy offers to help, but Dana tells him not to bother because she isn't going to find it. Jeremy calms down a bit, and she asks him if he got any sleep last night, and he says he doesn't remember. I guess that explains the fuzzy hair. He still could have taken a shower, though.

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Sports Night




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