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Back at the desk, Dan says he has three complaints. For some reason, Casey, drinking some presumably hot beverage, asks him what the first two are. Wha? Why would he ask that? Oh, because it can set Dan off into saying he hasn't put them in any order and that he isn't conversationally anal-retentive like Casey is. "I'm conversationally anal-retentive?" says Casey. Dan says yes, and Casey asks what the other two complaints were. So the anal-retentive thing itself was a complaint? I'm confused. Sorkin, can we move it along, please? Dan says if he were to rank his complaints, high on the list would be the climate in the studio, and Casey says his position on that is pretty clear. Oh! That's funny, says the laugh track. Then Dan makes another complaint is that Casey is too hard on Rostankowski, whoever that is. Casey denies it, but Dan says Casey has been riding him all week. "Dan, he made a bonehead move on fourth down with the game on the line. It's not the first time he's made a bonehead move. Now, I'm a commentator, I'm a pundit, I'm doing my job." "You're a pundit?" says Dan, and Casey says yes, and Dan says, "Your parents must be very proud," which I thought was pretty funny.

Dan's other complaint is the sound effects Casey used all through the Rostankowski piece, which according to Dan were "Clank!" and "Wah-wah," which cracked me up because I love "wah-wah," and Danny doing it was even funnier. "What's with that?" he asks Casey. "I am bringing my point into stark relief," says Casey. "With Casio keyboard sound effects?" says Dan. Then Casey says they have very talented sound guys. "Right, Chris?" says Casey. Chris dutifully says, "Thank you." "Right, Will?" says Casey. Will says, "It's what I do." And then Casey says Rostankowski should not be the head coach of a college football team. "Yeah, but he is and you know what that job's like, so I'm just sayin'," says Dan. Kim tries to remove Danny's winter coat and Dan won't let her, which may be the first time ever a guy has stopped Kim from removing an article of his clothing.

Back in the control room, Natalie says she can't find the S.O.T., and Dana says it's not a problem, but Natalie says it is, and Dana assures her that they have promos they can use to fill and she lets the guys know. Natalie apologizes to them, but Dan and Casey both tell her not to sweat it. Then Casey tells Dana that Danny has some complaints, and Danny tells her "three complaints." "Danny, you look like Elmer Fudd," says Dana. "Okay, four complaints," says Danny. Commercials. I rewound the tape so I could listen to Danny going "Clank...wah-wah" again.

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Sports Night




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