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Someday he'll find it, the restaurant connection

In the newsroom, Casey is reading his fan mail aloud to everyone. Here's an idea for the budget cuts: ditch Casey, and the resulting increase in everybody's productivity and morale should generate a lot more than $17 million. The letter he reads of course agrees with him on the Rostankowski thing. Then this one: "You are my favourite sports anchor ever. I never used to like sports, but you've gotten me into it. Maybe because you're totally hot. Look me up, Tracy Deveraux, Baton Rouge, Louisiana." Kim accuses him of making that up, so he shows it to her. "It's addressed to Dan," she says, in yet another shout-out to me. Casey gets a little louder and says he's leading a groundswell, just as Dana arrives to cart him off. She tells him to double-check any items that come from Natalie, and if there are any mistakes, to fix them himself instead of telling her, because the distractions are starting to get to her. Casey agrees that "she's been screwing up pretty good lately," instead of maybe asking how she's doing, and Dana gives it to him between the eyes and says, "Yeah, not like when you were going through the divorce," as they keep walking and talking.

Casey insists he did his job with "aplomb," like, who else talks like Casey does? Dana says she remembers some days he couldn't even find the building, and I'm not really sure what that means, but I guess it really doesn't matter, as they come to a stop in the hallway and Dana says, "You'll watch her back?" and Casey says he will as he blatantly stares at Dana's chest, so all of a sudden he's really not paying any attention to Dana. "You look nice today," he says, a little inquiringly. She says "good" and tries to move past him, but the prominence of Dana's breasts in the blue dress she's wearing forces Casey to become even more insufferable than usual, and he lectures Dana by saying that when he gives her a compliment it's her cue to say "thank you," and she does her best to humour him and says "thank you" despite looking like she wants nothing more than to knee him in the groin. Now he wants to know why she looks nice, and Dana tries to deflect this by saying, "I am nice" and he says "you can say it" like, Casey, SHUT UP already, you frigging masochist. And she doesn't want to say it, and furthermore, she says, he doesn't want her to say it. And Casey insists he does want her to so she can see how much he doesn't care, as he takes a step forward and juts his chin out. Dude, if you feel the need to prove to a girl that you're over her, then you are not over her and she'll know it and she'll think you're an even bigger jackass than she already does. So Dana lets him have it, very calmly, by explaining that she's having dinner with Gordon after the show. "It's been my experience that when I [dress this way], Gordon becomes quite amorous" -- Casey looks less than pleased -- "and it's my hope that Gordon act on his impulses this evening, quench his desire, and in so doing" -- nice coquettish sigh from Dana for effect -- "quench mine." Laugh track giggles a little. Casey makes a big show of pretending that that's all he wanted to hear and she doesn't have to be secretive, as if he's fooling anybody. Casey's manly display of indifference complete, he struts down the hall and tells Kim to make a note. She pulls a pen out of her hair. I love when women do that! "I need to ruin Dana's dinner with Gordon," he says, and keeps walking down the hall. Kim rolls her eyes and makes this really exaggerated "whatever" arm-flapping gesture. You can hear the gears turning in Casey's head as he formulates a plan, like, it looks like Sports Night is veering dangerously towards romantic comedy territory, even if Meg Ryan is nowhere to be seen.

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