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During the show, Casey announces that it's time for their weekly edition of "You Should Know." Danny says they get a lot of mail about how they obviously know a lot about sports, but "what can you tell us about legendary Italian song stylist Tony Orlando?" Casey makes this "wuzzah?" face. "Well," says Dan, and then "YOU SHOULD KNOW" in giant letters spins onto the screen and some football-huddle-esque voices yell "You! Should! Know!" like, how terrible was that? Danny starts talking about Tony Orlando and that he's not Italian at all, but hails from Greece. Dana looks over at Natalie, sitting there with downcast eyes. The boys end the show and jump into their jackets, Danny saying that was supposed to be about Troy Aikman, but there was nothing on the TelePrompTer. Dana walks in, shushing them, saying Natalie messed up. Dana pulls on an overcoat. She thanks Danny for covering instead of smacking the supposed sports genius for not being able to come up with any kind of sports-related trivia. Natalie comes running in and points out that they're all miked and she can hear every word. She really lays into them that they should be mad at her, that she should get it right, and when she doesn't she expects to be treated like a professional. Dana tries to offer some excuse and says some really muddled stuff about being helpless and giving and receiving that didn't make much sense, and Natalie runs off. Dana runs after her. Dan and Casey look at each other and break into a kind of concerned saunter.

Slow pan over Jeremy asleep in front of a blanket laid out with candles, wine, and takeout Chinese food. Natalie is staring at him as the rest of the gang strolls up. "He found it," says Danny. Yes, WE GET IT. Dana smiles at Dan, even though she doesn't have any clue what he means by that. Natalie wakes up Jeremy, who seems pretty embarrassed as he shakes off the sleep. "Did you do this?" "Yeah." "Is this for me?" "Yeah." She asks if this is supposed to be some kind of charity. He says no, that he just wanted to do something. "Why? "Because I like you," says Jeremy, melting Natalie completely. Dude, you are so in. "You look awfully tired, Jeremy," says Natalie, and he confesses that he hasn't slept much. "Is that because of me?" and he says it is. He moves to clean up the stuff but she stops him, sits down, puts a pillow on her lap, and tells him to lie down. Dana turns to the assembled crowd and says, "You guys have something better to do?" Everyone sort of shrugs and says "not really." She looks at them, and they get the hint and disperse. Dana says she'll see Natalie in the morning and moves to leave, then turns back and says, "You've been screwing up all week -- it's gotta stop. Get your act together and do it fast. Got it?" Natalie says, "Yes, ma'am," and they smile at each other. Dana leaves. Natalie starts guzzling wine and strokes Jeremy's hair. This is my dream date right here.

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Sports Night




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