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The Hungry And The Hunted

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The only true hunter is Fred Dwyer

As Dan arrives at the desk, Casey is being serviced by the fluffers, including the perpetually bored Allison. Hi, Allison! Casey wants to ask Danny a question, and Danny tries to dodge it, but can't. "How many people can you think of named Gordon?" Ah, the quintessential Canadian name. Dan can only come up with two: Gordon Lightfoot (see?) and Gordon Liddy. Okay, so Liddy's not Canadian. Anyway, those are the same two that Casey came up with. I can forgive these boobs for missing Gord Downie, Canadian singer, and Gordon Pinsent, Canadian actor, but there's not much excuse for these supposed sports geniuses to miss Gordie Howe. I guess maybe listing a bunch of Gordons would have required more applause from the laugh track and the producers didn't have the budget for two instances of spontaneous clapping. Anyway, the point of all this is to tell us that Dana's date was a guy named Gordon. I find it inconceivable that Natalie didn't know about this.

The show goes live (the TCs have fixed the sound just in time -- I thought my heart was going to stop!) and Casey does his ultra-cheesy stupid point thing when he says, "So stick around." Commercial break, and Dana asks Dave, Chris, and Will what they're doing tomorrow morning at ten. They start to tell her about a three-on-three basketball game, but Dana interrupts to ask them again what they're doing tomorrow morning at ten. "Fixing the sound system?" says Chris. "There you go," says Dana. Frigging Chris. What a suck-up.

After the show, Elliott is walking around saying a bunch of industry stuff, and then, because this episode is possibly sponsored by MLS or something, he says, "Let's not get into golden time," whatever that means, like what's with the soccer theme? Casey wants to know how Dan knew the guy's name was Gordon. Dan tells him they were introduced by Dana. Dan says they were on a date, but Casey disagrees. He says it's not like Dana said to Dan, "'Dan, this is my date, Gordon.'" Then, getting way-out-of-proportion agitated, Casey demands to know what Dana said. Somehow without punching Casey, Dan says, "She said, 'Dan, this is my date, Gordon.'" Then Casey says, "All right, we're cranking this whole thing up a notch," and I don't know what that means either.

Now we see Jeremy returning to the newsroom. Everybody gathers around him, cheering as he tells them things went well. Natalie continues to be way too charming, telling him that when they get a final cut, they'll put it in a nice package and send it to his parents, and I hope that's the last time Natalie says "nice package" when Jeremy's around. Jeremy seems a little embarrassed at the attention. Isaac says, "Jeremy, can we [he and Dana] see you in my office for a moment?" "Yeah, sure, what's up?" says Jeremy. "My office," says Isaac. He doesn't look mad, but as anyone who has ever been in the workforce knows, when your boss won't tell you what is up and just says "my office" again, you know you got some 'splainin' to do.

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Sports Night




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