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The Hungry And The Hunted

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The only true hunter is Fred Dwyer

Isaac says Jeremy had an obligation to tell them how he felt: "Partly because I don't like getting a phone call saying I've put one of my people in the hospital. But mostly because if you feel that strongly about something, you have a responsibility to try to change my mind. Did you think I would fire you simply because you made a convincing argument?" Isaac is yelling at Jeremy, but he practically has me in tears. Robert Guillaume is so good. He calls Jeremy's old boss an idiot for letting Jeremy go. He says Jeremy will do great but he has to trust them. Isaac's about to go home, but before he does, he says, "You don't know us very well yet, so if it's hard trusting us at the beginning, maybe it'll help to know...that we trust you." Isaac smiles. Jeremy doesn't say anything, just looks touched. Isaac says "good night" and leaves. Dana gets up, touches Jeremy's cheek in a gesture that was more mother hen than managing editor, says "good night," and leaves as well.

Then some Sheryl-Crow-esque ballad starts playing as Jeremy ponders. He ponder-wanders over to the phone and calls his dad. "Just wanted to tell you something nice happened at work today," he says. What, that your soon-to-be girlfriend gave you a deer-killing Twinkie of Death that put you in the hospital, and now you're sneaking long-distance calls on the boss's phone to tell your dad about it?

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Sports Night




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