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So this episode starts out with Dharma and Greg being not quite over because ABC coverage of the Stupor Tuesday primaries ran a little long. I talked a little bit about the odious process of simulcasting in a previous recap, but it was a major deal this week, so I'll go over it again. In Canada, when local affiliates of our major networks (especially CTV and Global) run a program that's being shown at the same time on an American network, the Canadian broadcaster interrupts the American signal with the Canadian one as a way of selling advertising to local companies. This process assumes that Canadians would choose to watch the American broadcast instead of the Canadian one. The only time it's a major issue for viewers is during the Super Bowl, when sports fans hear about $2-million-for-30-seconds ad spots for companies like Budweiser and internet companies, but because Global carries the Super Bowl, we get ads that look to cost about $50 for 30 seconds for Al's Autobody just down the street. So this week, the Global broadcast of Dharma and Greg ended on time, since Global didn't carry American political coverage (go figure). So when the Global broadcast of D&G clicked off (since it doesn't carry Sports Night, opting for Frasier instead), there was still another ten minutes left on the ABC signal. That wouldn't be a problem, except the Global affiliate also carries ABC's NYPD Blue at the top of the hour, so when Global started showing NYPD Blue, it overrode the American ABC signal which still had a few minutes left in the delayed Sports Night episode. Is that clear? It looked pretty obvious that ABC cut a scene or two from SN to try to make up some time, and I never did get to see Coming Up Next Week scenes. Everybody knows that ABC doesn't really seem to care all that much about SN, but I have some advice for the execs over there: next time you have to cut a Tuesday night program? Cut D&G instead. To placate the relatively-small segment of D&G fans who can read and write, I will provide, free of charge, recaps of any upcoming D&G episode that you can put on the ABC website and D&G's fans don't have to miss a thing. So here it is, the precap for all upcoming episodes of Dharma & Greg: Zany situations arise when Greg and the upper-class sensibilities of his parents collide with Dharma and her parents' groovy "flower power" vibe. Memo to Dharma's parents: The Sixties are over, dudes! In the event of a sad episode, everything is resolved by the end of the half-hour, just like in real life. The end.

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