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Next scene, Dana and Isaac are discussing why Dana never goes to church. I promise this: if ABC ever decides to show this episode in its entirety, including some scenes that seem to be missing from this episode, I'll recap this out-of-the-blue two-minute storyline then, OK?

Jeremy comes in, Dana leaves. Jeremy starts explaining about how he thinks he's in love with a porn star. He recaps last week's episode a bit, then reveals that the next day he e-mailed Jenny's website (oh! website! shout-out to MBTV? Ha ha, just kidding) and Isaac says he's not thrilled about the idea of e-mail traffic to the office from porn websites. Jeremy launches into this long-winded explanation of encryptions and servers and stuff, and since Wing Chun and Glark and Sars all know a little (or a lot) about that stuff and watched this episode, they might be able to confirm whether it made any sense, but I don't really care and neither does Isaac, who delivers my favourite line ever from this show: "Does the porn star know you're this much of a dork?" Ha ha! Sad thing is, she does (or maybe that's sweet). Jeremy says it has been two days since he e-mailed her and there's been no reply, like RELAX Jeremy, it's not inconceivable that Jenny receives thousands of e-mails from sad loners like yourself, and even if she has read your e-mail yet, it's possible she has just been too busy to answer it. I mean, two days is not a long time to take to get back to someone. Jeremy asks Isaac if he's crazy for thinking about her this much. Isaac theorizes he's reacting to his breakup with Natalie and romanticizing the time he spend with her. It's a nice theory, but Isaac doesn't know how hot Paula Marshall is.

Back in the newsroom, Dana is reminding Dan about the non-disclosure agreement regarding the track meet and Dan basically says that a) the information wouldn't be hard to get (which is what I said) and b) who cares about a track meet in New Zealand anyway. Then Dana calls Jeremy to the rundown meeting and he says he'll be right there and he checks his e-mail and we hear a computer voice say "Welcome. You got mail." (what is this, ebonics-mail?) only Jeremy stares at the screen like the computer just said "Get out! The call is coming from inside the house!" Commercials.

Back in Abby the Shrink's office, Abby is for some reason writing down the records that Bob Beamon and Mike Powell held because she's pretending she wants to watch the tape delay later. She notes that Powell beat Beamon's record by "only" an inch and three-quarters and Dan politely explains that that's "100 miles" in track and field, which is true. Dan says the distance between first and second place is also 100 miles, which I also agree with. Dan tells Abby about Jackie Robinson's younger brother who ran the 100 metres faster than anyone else had run it before and still came in second. Abby said she didn't know Jackie Robinson had a younger brother, which is Dan's point exactly since the year was 1936 and Jesse Owens kicked ass all over that Olympics. Abby, switching gears, says that a friend of hers thought it was odd that Casey made the Top 100 list and Dan didn't. Dan, all paranoid, says the only reason the guy would have brought that up to her was if he knew Dan was a patient of hers, which Abby denies. Dan says his point is that an inch is forever in track and field.

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