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Back in Abby's office, Abby is pointing out that Dan is upset about Oscar losing the record and Dan says that Oscar only held it for five minutes, which, Abby says, is five minutes longer than most people will ever hold it, blah blah. Abby doesn't see what the big deal is. Dan points out that she hadn't heard of Bob Beamon. Dan says he was an athlete and athletes need to win. Abby asks if Dan feels disconnected right now from the people around him and Dan says he does. Abby says his co-workers are trying new things, challenging themselves: "Dana went to church, found out she liked it." Hear that? That's the sound of my eyes rolling. Abby mentions Jeremy's "adventure" and Casey making the list but Dan not making it, which Abby says is like what happened to Oscar. Yes, breaking the world long jump record and then losing it is EXACTLY the same as not making some bogus arbitrary Top 100 list while your partner is a laughable 92. Dan says, "It was his whole life," and Abby says, "It probably wasn't," like she would know, but she does correctly point out that his whole life isn't over yet. Then she says Dan has a pretty good life, which is likewise not over yet. She stands very close to Dan as she says this. Then she says their time is up. Dan says, "What?" and Abby repeats that "[their] time is up." In a coincidence worthy of television, this turns out to be a bit of a meta-statement for Sports Night as well, since this is exactly where Global annoyingly cut in to start broadcasting NYPD Blue, so no coming up scenes for next week. But apparently Jeremy goes out with Jenny some more and Danny breaks down some more. I bet Dana does NOT go to church at all.

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